Freedom Of Speech…..

Every living being has a right to freely express his or beliefs, that is a lawful right, so what does that mean?

Below is a link which explains fully our rights of expression.

I have published this section for the digestion of North Wales Police and the Famous Five…..

The right to freedom of expression is crucial in a democracy – information and ideas help to inform political debate and are essential to public accountability and transparency in government.
Article 10 gives everyone the right to freedom of expression, which includes the freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without State interference.
This includes the right to communicate and to express oneself in any medium, including through words, pictures, images and actions (including through public protest and demonstrations).
The type of expression protected includes:
  • political expression (including comment on matters of general public interest);
  • artistic expression; and
  • commercial expression, particularly when it also raises matters of legitimate public debate and concern.
North Wales Police and the Famous Five, who are comprised of MP for Clwyd West David Jones, former teddy bear sellers, Nigel & Wendy Roberts, Solicitor, Dylan Moore and retired journo, Ruby Williams.

These five people and North Wales Police are trying their uttermost to silence me & Why???

Because I will not desist in my efforts to expose their involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscars & North Wales Police protection of the same.

As my readers are all to aware I have been arrested four times in the last year, on trumped up charges, and had my home raided, resulting in the removal of all electrical items even those belonging to our children, particularly our disabled son who’s X Box and I pad were taken.  

All because I published this one comment that the Famous Five found threatening.

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.
Yes that is it…..

So what to do about the heavy handed tactics of North Wales Police and their good friends the Famous Five?

I have tried the usual approaches, but just get bull shited answers, I have tried to get an answer regarding the return of my children’s things after five weeks of waiting, this was the reply from a chief inspector…..

Joyce, Paul S (T/Ch Insp 1500)

to me
Dear Mr Windmill,

Thank you for your email.

The property seized from you remains subject of constant review by the officers looking at the case.  Any complaints regarding police conduct in relation to this matter should be directed to our Professional Standards Department.


Paul Joyce

Constant review, what does that mean? surly they just look at the hard drive to discover the terrible crimes of my self and my children, copy them then return them, why do they need to constantly review them, its bloody pathetic, all these corrupt law breakers are doing is abusing their powers to inconvenience my family and I, like I have said it is pathetic.

I have done my home work and even senior officers in their own ranks are shocked by the way my family and I are being treated and all at the whim of MP for Clwyd West, the CHRISTIAN, David Ian Jones and his gang of internet trolls.

having tried the usual routes I have employed the assistance of a reputable firm of solicitors and am now seeking help from the European court of human rights.

Do these idiots employed within the ranks of North Wales Police think I am just going to lie down and take it? no way…..I cannot wait to see what they drum up!!! Thank goodness I always back up my hard drives…..

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