The Famous Five and how they came together…..

Nigel Roberts, former Teddy Bear Sales Man…..

Born David Nigel Roberts to Paul and Anne Roberts, their only child.

Paul Roberts, like David Jones father was a pharmacist.

Nigel Like David had a very privileged childhood unlike many of his peers, Nigel did not mix well with other local children but latched on to a school friend of his from ST David’s College, Steven Dickens, Dickens unlike Nigel had learnt to use his bulk as a weapon & helped deflect a lot of aggravation from Nigel, you know kids stuff.

Nigel worked for a short period at W H Smiths to learn about being a news agent, at the age of 18 Nigel’s father bought him a shop on Gloddaeth street in Llandudno, which he promptly named Nigel Roberts Newsagents, mounting name boards above his shop similar to the great wall of China, that could be seen from space, just so nobody could mistake who the shop was owned by.

Nigel was suddenly an important man about town, a business man, someone to behold and respect, a pillar of the community, someone to be trusted and looked up to.

David by now had his solicitors practice and Nigel soon became a very important client, friend and confidant.

Nigel revelled in his status and loved to pomp with the others on the higher echelons of the social ladder. Nigel met and married Wendy, a bank managers daughter, Nigel now had everything, a nice home, a business, social status and a wife.

But there was something lacking!!!!

In 2007 Paul Roberts and his son Nigel decided upon the production of an anonymous blog, to tackle local issues and attack those they didn’t like, they named it Thoughts of Oscar, Oscar being the name of their beloved Alsation dog, who many residents of Conwy will remember seeing it lying in the courtyard behind the Chemist on Castle Street. Here began a 7 year reign of terror.

David Jones now a Tory MP saw how advantageous an opportunity it was to be part of this troll blog, in the recorded words of Ian Ralph, “it allowed Jones to behave in a manner toward others he could not ordinarily get away with”.

Tomorrow we introduce Wendy.