The Famous Five and how they came together…..

Wendy Anne Roberts.
Wendy’s introduction to the group was a natural progression in her relationship with Nigel.
Wendy was the daughter of a bank manager based in Chester, Wendy had a likeness for socialising and it soon became apparent to her father a transfer to the banks Llandudno branch would be of benefit to all.
Wendy soon settled here in Llandudno and married Nigel, bless.
Wendy assisted Nigel in the running of his teddy bear shop and was later joined by Lisa!!!!!!
After the launching of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar Wendy ably assisted Nigel in its publication, this possibly helped fulfil what ever it was that may have been missing from their life together.
Nice houses, nice cars, regular holidays, inherited property’s and so much more, but to run a troll blog for so long could only suggest something was left wanting, but what?
That would help us understand but is ultimately none of our business…..