An email To The Investigating Officer Into North Wales Crime Of This Century…..PC 2927 Barlow…..

In September this year a completely horrific crime was committed, beware lady’s and gentle men, this crime is so terrible that North Wales Police were compelled to use all the force they could to arrest the alleged perpetrators of said crime…..

On the morning of October the 7th 2015, Richie Windmill was busy cleaning the family kitchen, his two elder children were studying on their laptops.

Windmill heard the screeching of tyres and sirens blaring, concerned he looked out of the kitchen window, only to witness the sight of five police vehicles pulling up, this was quickly followed by nine officers descending on his home.

Windmill activated the internal security system as they came crashing into his home, the first officer as thick as a tree trunk shouted “were arresting you for violent harassment” and we are searching your home and seizing your property”.

The officers were very excited, some were frothing at the mouth, after all they had apprehended Windmill, yes this terrible man had committed the worst crime North Wales Police had witnessed in years, I mean it was terrible absolutely terrible, Windmill was about to get his…..

Their excitement mounting as they searched room by room, leaving behind them a trail of saliva that had run from their gormless mouths as they pounced, seizing computers, laptops, cameras, sim cards. telephones, Xbox’s all the children’s belongings, passports, memory sticks and stacks of personnel mail.

One of them shouted seize the kids and bag them as evidence, but suddenly realised that would be wrong…..

When these professional. drooling police officers discovered Windmills bedroom they got very excited, not only were they sure they had discovered the scene of the crime but Windmills wife had an underwear draw, yes she did, an underwear draw, they sniffed and poked their way through her two pieces, their excited saliva spilling forth from they mouths and nostrils, this was the best fun they had had in years,

When finally they concluded their raid they arrested Windmill’s accomplice, his wife.

The Windmills were dragged away and detained for over 15 hours eventually they were given the reason for their arrest and the subsequent raid on their home,

Mr Windmills crime was this, please be aware if you of a faint heart stop reading now,
Windmill had published this comment on his blog:

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.
Now Windmill understood the need for North Wales Police to use such heavy tactics, he had been guilty of the most horrendous of crime, yes he published that comment, that comment that MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones and the other contributors to the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar had reported to the police as being threatening!!!!!

Windmill understood and bowed his head in shame, I mean that comment is evil, it is vile and one can completely understand why these good upstanding, honest Christian citizens all felt threatened.

After all it is not as thought they ever published anything near as terrible on their troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, you know that same troll blog that North Wales Police for seven years refused to act against and lied to protect.

The same troll blog that was exposed in the House Of Commons for being exactly what it was.

The same troll blog that published these comments:

  • Disabled children are a drain on society and their parents are selfish for allowing them life.
  • Billy King (a local gay man) takes it up the ring.
  • Windmill needs a cap up his arse (which means to be shot or buggered).
  • The owner of SU SU is a paedophile.
That’s just four out of a list of thousands, all of which North Wales Police said were not threatening and at the end of the day it just freedom of speech.

The investigating officer for this absolutely heinous crime is PC 2927 Barlow, Barlow refuses to communicate with the Windmills, I suspect it must be because of the complex nature of the crime committed.

North Wales Police when asked have said the items belonging to the windmills especially those belong to their children need to be constantly reviewed!!!!!

Again I suspect this is because of the complexity of the crime and nothing to do with the influence of David Ian Jones MP For Clwyd West, who stated that he intended to get the Windmills arrested and cause as much harm to their family as possible.

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Nigel Roberts close relationship with the police either, could it?

No we must always keep in mind Windmill is guilty of publishing the afore mentioned comment, something he openly admits and is is not as though Windmill has tried to hide the fact that this blog is his and is written and published by him, that must be a crime in itself?

I mean come on, the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar was written and published anonymously, that must be the proper and legal way to do things, especially if you want to harass and stalk others.

I must ask David Jones one day a couple of pertinent questions:

  1. What’s it like to be above the law?
  2. Why will you not be honest and admit your involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar?
  3. You say you are a Christian, do you think your actions are that of a true Christian? Is the way you have behaved the way Jesus would have?
  4. I am a good man, I am not perfect but I do what I know to be right, can you honestly say the same?

Below is my latest attempt to get answers from Barlow.

Conwy and Llandudno Local

9:57 AM (20 hours ago)

to Carl

I am forced to email you once again as you appear not to be moveing things forward.
You have not responded as yet to my wife’s email and yet another week has passed and you still have no info regarding our property.
This I find surprising as you were able to return my wife’s mobile and mine relatively quickly considering during interview we were told my children’s belongings would be prioritised.
You may be pleased to learn that we have gone to great expense to replace most of that which was removed from our home. 
This has been done in the form of a loan which in time will form part of our claim against North Wales Police.
Perhaps you would like me to bring the replacements to you to save on another raid on our home????
I understand my wife’s boss has been spoken with, have you yet checked on the lies told to you by the Roberts?
My wife is completely innocent of any wrong doing, as am I, you know this if you are honest with yourself, but that uniform seems to remove personal opinion….
I have said this before and will say it again, this situation has been concocted between the trolls David Jones etc and officers within your ranks who are affording them protection.
One day the truth of this will all out and unless of course North Wales Police try to justify their action by falsifying evidence, which incidentally I hope they do!! then I would not like to be an officer who has had anything to do with this extremely corrupt situation.
I do not expect a reply, your professionalism is as good as the rest of your colleagues.
R Windmill.

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  1. This story needs circulating to every Police Force in the Country just to show how useless, incompetent and stupid North Wales Police is and how biased it is to an MP and the perpetrators of the REAL crime. The Federation (Police) and its Members would be horrified to read of the depths into which some forces, and individual officers, have sunk. This sort of action is not what Robert Peel envisaged when these, so called, Guardians od the Law, was formed.

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