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Its funny what you find on the web these days!!!!! I just found this rather illuminating blog…..

No Doubt North Wales Police will think this is me, it is not.


I just could not resist reprinting this post from Machiavelli, fitched from another Blog.  Is this really me, or do I not know myself as well as others?  Shakespeare had the answer.

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion:
What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
An’ ev’n devotion!

  1. Once again the character of the Thoughtofoscar and CSILlandudno Blogs’ author is shown for its despicable and vile nature.
    What I cannot understand is why his Wife, Friends (if he has any), Professional Advisors and other people who were witnessing his exploits and the affects on other people’s lives did not caution him as to where his activities could lead. Amongst those “in his circle” were MPs, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, and other professional and business people, not least of all those who led him into Freemasonry and pledged to “guide him through life’s pathway”. Those who “stood by the wayside” must consider themselves just as culpable as the main protagonist himself, for all the harm that has been done to the victims of “Oscar”.
    Perhaps his obsession is a result of having no children and that he has been shielded from life in this big wide World by being brought up virtually within the invisible walls of this town of Llandudno. Perhaps he was rejected as a child or through his childhood, or maybe provided with a living for life without having to experience the ups and downs of forging his own way to success. A gift of businesses and a property portfolio certainly helps to sweeten ones position and future.
    Maybe he has been driven off course by too many early mornings holding conversations with an army of Beanie Babies!
    I believe that his continuing antics with obnoxious Blogs, Twitter and the like has grown into an unhealthy obsession and that there is a desperate need for professional help. Previous visits to the Priory seem to have done little to provide an effective cure. Another sanctuary must be sought for the benefit of local citizens.


    Today it is Ruby who will be getting all the accolades as without her the Blog would have been totally lost in a time warp.
    Ruby had spent a major part of her life in Journalism and with the help of one or a few contacts with local journalists and media was able to feed me information, not OFF the press but that had not even got so far as being typeset!  The Blog was the place to go for much advance information that Ruby  was able to glean from friends and relatives.  It was passed to me and I could get it onto the Blog immediately.  With the local rag only being produced on a Thursday the Blog was the place to go for current news.  Little did the informers know that they were assisting in the ultimate demise of their own paper.   Ruby and I would be regularly in touch whether she was in Liverpool or at home and we also had the occasional meal together, especially when there was some really exciting news.   Ruby was also not averse to producing the odd snippet of information about different people that I was able to make use of in my relentless attacks.   She had plenty of contacts, and not all in high places.
    If Ruby had one fault it was her apparent interest in alcohol, but having been there myself, I quite understood her dilema.   I will always be grateful to Ruby as without her input the Blog would never have achieved the reputation it did. 



    Today I will devote my efforts to Chris who has given me so much held from inside the bastions of power.  Were Oscar still here he would also bark his appreciation.
    Have you ever had one of those times when you knew that a little inside knowledge or “someone on the inside” could help to get a stumbling block smoothed out?  Such was my problem until I secured the assistance of Chris, an insider at Bodlondeb who kept me informed regarding a planning application for a certain local property, I bet you can guess which one, especially if you watched the media at the time.  Fortunately it is all over and done now, but without that considerable bit of help from my friend Chris it could have been a different story.
    I drew great comfort from his help and also from another Chris who was a great supporter of the Blog and gave untold help with all things of a political nature.  Especially when things got a bit hot with the accusations made against a local Tory MP.   He drew lots of information from his background in politics and close connections with the Administrators of the Law.   There is actually a third Chris but I shall leave him to continue pounding the street with his Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass trying to solve the latest case of who pissed in Poynton’s porch.

    I think at this time it would be as well to mention that all those to whom I refer, were not just active on the Blog, but they also had very active Twitter accounts, as indeed, did I.   Through these we were all able to continue our important business of putting the World and local problems right. When the Blog finally closed in September 2014, it actually did not close at all, but was kept open just for those we personally allowed to be members of the inner chamber.  Twitter accounts were opened and closed with gay abandon and everyone was hard pressed to keep up with our nefarious antics. Hi-de-hi!

    Next time A Trojan Horse.

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    Now the morning rush is over and both of them have their newspaper and fags, I’ll get started.  The first one at the starting gate must be David, although here I must mention that there are two Dave’s.  One is a would be high flier in the political World, who suffered a mid air collision with his Boss and got permanently grounded, and the other a chap who shows me how to hold a camera and point it in the right direction.  Reminds me, must get myself a “Selfie” stick, that will save having to constantly ask passers by to take a picture of me, for me.

    David one and I go back a long way.  He gave me great help doing the Blog and made some revealing points about various people and helped me to stay within the law.  Or should I say, with the law, because he gave me lots of introductions and if it were not for the uniform, I could be part of the squad.  David certainly dug up stuff from the past and it seems that he had access to records that other  posters just couldn’t reach.  The secrets we were able to put on the Blog really upset folk.  Even a Judge who demanded we stop until a certain trial was concluded.  Not only were we bosom pals (subtle freemasonry link there) but we also spent hours following one of my well know past-times, filling my fat face with food.  David always kept me in the picture and even confided in me about his exploits in the Big City when he was away from home.   Some of it would make your hair curl, the grubby stuff, not so.   And friends a plenty, both male and female.
    The other David, is not such a high flier, much prefering to keep his feet firmly on the ground, dabble in his Stocks and Shares and run his silly little multi town Forum.  We have the occasional pint together and he often makes a small contribution to the Blog, whichever one I have on the go at the time.
    And then there was Dylan.  He didn’t have much to do with the Blog but would give me useful advice to keep just one step ahead of the law, not that such an advantage was necessary, as they were, and still are, regular visitors to the premises.   Its amazing what little bits of info from this corner of the Town help them to deliver minor criminals to the justice system.  The Grass is always greener etc.  Dylan and I are not connected in any other way, he already has an active partner, and despite my lacking in the bedroom stakes I have no desire to be relabelled.

    Still to come, Chris x 2, Barry, Ruby, Ian x 2, Steve x 2, Jonathan, Super ?, Inspector ?, Sergeant ?, PC ???, a few Freemasons and some local “celebrities”.   If you haven’t been mentioned yet, don’t worry all good things come to them that patiently wait.


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