The new troll blog belonging to the famous five…..

Yep they are at it again, with the full security of North Wales Police, I have so far attempted to ignore their repetitive rantings, but feel it necessary to point out their obvious innuendo’s.

Naturally I expect North Wales Police to afford the Famous Five, their full protection.

Only the victims of the Famous Five get persecuted.

This is their latest rant about me:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Richard P. Windmill

So who exactly is this Richard P. Windmill? My circle of friends and acquaintances in the area certainly don’t remember him as any notable character from back in the day.

According to his blog, he had a drug habit at 19 years of age and spent a year in a rehabilitation unit. He also stole from a previous employer to obtain money for drugs.

He was married previously and met his present wife when she was 15 years old.

Where does a grown man meet a 15 year old girl I ask myself?

The mind boggles  
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Please note the usual innuendos, most striking are the last two lines.

Yes I met my wife of nearly seventeen years/partner of nearly 20 years, while she was still 15, am I supposed to feel bad about that? if so please explain what you are implying when you say, “ Where does a grown man meet a 15 year old girl I ask myself?

Where would you like me to say? & what is it your


You seem to be fixated on my relationship, you spewed

forth you crap on your troll blogs Thoughts of Oscar and

CSI Llandudno, so have you anything new to add?

I suspect your not just a twisted fool, but your also 

missing something in your life, to behave in this manner. 

I have a long term happy marriage and we have

three wonderful children, one of who is disabled, but

then you know that don’t you, because it was you lot that

told me, “my son did not deserve life and was a drain on


  1. What does a person/persons get out of being so vile?
  2. Why have North Wales Police let them get away with it and why do they continue to do so?
The evil people that were behind the troll blogs Thoughts of Oscar and CSI Llandudno and now this latest edification, as above, are having an absolute hoot, they are able to do as they please because they know North Wales Police will do nothing about their vile behaviour.

I keep saying this, but sooner or later someone one will…..someone with integrity and a straight back will pick up on this and help us, the more North Wales Police and David Jones etc try to shut me up the louder I will get.

Come on people get behind me and share this and other associated posts on social media, the louder we shout the more attention from outside the area we will receive.