An old post receiving a lot of attention…..

The Not So Honourable MP For Clwyd West David Jones…..

Lets take a look at David Ian Jones’s the Tory MP for Clwyd West, sacked ex secretary of state for Wales and his official statement made to North Wales police on the 03-05-2015, in which he complains about me effecting his chances of re-election. As if I had that kind of influence…..

His statement is full of lies and innuendo, but then I would say that wouldn’t I, I mean to say MPs don’t lie do they? and David Ian Jones is the most honest man that ever walked gods green earth. NOT…..Where as I am just a working class man seeking the truth from a messy situation brought about by the authors/contributors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

We know for sure despite his continued denials that David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West was most defiantly one very regular author/contributor to that troll blog. 

Page 2, and lie number one.
He starts by stating he was aware of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar Blog’ & thought it common knowledge that is was written by Nigel Roberts.
That’s bullshit, Roberts was only confirmed as the blogs publisher on 09-09-2014 when Tory MP for Aberconwy disclosed that information in his House Of Commons speech, publicly  revealing the blog, it’s authors and the disgusting way they used that blog to hurt many innocent people.
Page 2, and lie number two.
He then goes on to say “I very rarely read the blog”. 
Mr Jones must suffer memory loss, during a 57 minute recorded interview he stated he never read the blog until the summer of 2014 when the blog attacked his colleague Guto Bebb.
So when you say rarely Jones did you mean rarely over a period of years or rarely last summer?
In addition Jones why for its seven year existence did that troll blog support and advertise your own blog & why did your blog reciprocate? do tell…..
 Page 3, lie number one.
Jones talks about Dylan Moore’s tit for tat complaint against Silvester Wilson, Dylan Moore was not happy about the way his complaint was being dealt with by North Wales police, so Jones arranges for him to see non other than Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s, who is also a fellow Freemason.
I have not been happy with North Wales police’s investigations into the activities of Nigel Roberts & David Jones etc.. Could I get preferential treatment please? oops I forgot I’m just me and I’m not a Freemason.
Jones goes on to say an Harassment notice was served on Silvester, it was not, the police tried and failed.
Page 3, lie number two.
Dylan Moore was never victimised by the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, there was once a small negative comment published deliberately by Nigel Roberts on that blog about Dylan Moore, it was posted to deflect Dylan Moore’s involvement with that blog away from the blog, another individual was trying to expose not just Moore’s involvement but Jones’s as well. Don’t forget Dylan Moore at that time was Nigel Roberts solicitor.
Page 3, Jones’s devious actions…..
David Jones had a dislike of the fact that the company run by Mr Wilson had the local police contract for recovery etc,
David Jones the little snake had received a complaint from a constituent of his about Wilson’s contract and there were also grumblings coming from a fellow Freemason from his lodge, the owner of Arch Motors in Llandudno, Arthur Roberts, who himself wanted the very same lucrative contract,
David Ian Jones the corrupt Freemason that he is, said “do not worry I will speak with the powers that be and see what I can do” he went on to use his influence to have that contract suspended and had VOSA and the inland revenue go through Mr Wilson’s place of business with a fine tooth comb.
Mr Wilson’s business was subsequently cleared of any wrong doing and three weeks later the contract was re-issued.
 Mr Wilson’s company is still manages that contract and rightly so.
Did Jones for one minute give a damn about the effect his actions could ultimately have had on that business and it’s employees? did he heck.
Page 4 more devious behaviour from Jones and his playmates…..
To explain, last September Guto Bebb used his parliamentary privilege to expose some of the despicable creatures responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Dylan Moore was an individual named.
If an MP uses parliamentary privilege to expose this kind of behaviour on the part of an individual he cannot be sued for defamation  so long as there is no proof of him/her having stated his/her beliefs in public prior to his/her commons speech.
A week before making his Commons speech and as a matter of professional courtesy Mr Bebbs office informed his Assembly Member counterpart, Janet Finch Saunders, about his forthcoming speech. This information should have been treated with the uttermost discretion.
Janet Finch Saunders decided it would be in her best interests to disclose the content of Mr Bebbs speech to David Jones and Dylan Moore, which resulted in Moore being able to claim he HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF MR BEBBS INTENTIONS RE-EXPOSING MOORE AS AN AUTHOR TO THAT BLOG.
This gave way to Dylan Moore being able to challenge Mr Bebb in a civil court.
Something which Mr Bebb would have won but would have been financially damaging and not reflected well, media speaking, on the Tory party leading up to the general election.
It is my belief with that in mind Mr Bebb felt forced into publicly making a partial retraction to his commons speech, he did not apologise.
Now the reader should note here that last year I recorded a conversation with Finch Saunders in which she clearly says she gave that information to Jones and Moore in order to discredit Mr Bebb, I will disclose that recording in court, and not before.
What a despicable woman.
In Jones statement he says “I was made aware that week by Janet Finch Saunders the conservative Welsh assembly member for Aberconwy, that Guto Bebb had secured an adjournment debate in the commons for the 9th of September when he would be referring to his treatment by the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog”. “She also told me that he had accused Dylan Moore of being an author of the blog and also that it involved me”.
“I informed Dylan that this was going to happen” 

Now if that’s not a conspiracy I don’t know what is, so Jones and Finch Saunders conspired to inform Dylan Moore what Mr Bebb was about to  say in his house of commons speech, giving Dylan Moore carte blanche to challenge Mr Bebb stating he had heard Mr Bebbs intention to expose him as an author to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ Blog prior to Mr Bebbs House Of Commons speech.

These people are despicable and they have the cheek to look down on people like me.

What is a little surprising the authors of that troll blog use to attack Finch Saunders and her family, that is until Finch Saunders stepped into the influential pockets of David Ian Jones.
Jones is as bent as they come and a total snivelling coward, his ego is only surpassed by his greed for power and favour. What a horrible creature.
David Cameron saw through him!!
How can anyone trust these people? If I were Mr Bebb I would publicly withdraw my partial retraction, the evidence in Jones statement is enough to SHOUT, CONSPIRACY…..