Its all Gone Quiet…..

I am amazed, as soon as we reported the new troll blog, which we believe to operated by the Famous Five/untouchables, it stops publishing.

The same happened when we reported their last blog CSI Llandudno, and their previous troll blogs.

  1. Chronicles of ruination.
  2. Rhos On Sea glory lost.
  3. Colwyn Bays last stand.
  4. Llandudno malice in wonderland.
All of these troll blogs existed to attack members VOO
They all published the same posts with the same vile content and they all used the same pseudonyms for the purpose of reply to their published posts:
  1. E-thug
  2. Ted e bear
  3. Old Conwy Cucumber
  4. Karen Willingham
  5. Inigo
North Wales Police tipped them off again…..but then North Wales Police have no intention of doing anything about any of the trolls associated with the above blogs and the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog.
These horrible people are above the law and North Wales Police are corrupt throughout.