Our Lovely North Wales Police & Karen Dixon

A Statement

When it was announced in September 2014 that North Wales Police would be reinvestigating the complaints made against the Thoughts Of Oscar blog, there was some hope that finally the police would take action against the authors of the blog, namely Nigel Roberts as he was the ‘sole author’ although his solicitors GHP Legal are now disputing this.
Karen Dixon of the CPS in Colwyn Bay has told Victims of Oscar that prior to receiving the report compiled by DC Chris Walsh that the ‘police had already decided that no further action should be taken, the CPS have glanced at the file & agreed with them’.
This has come as no surprise.
However as a group we are disappointed with the outcome especially when a few years ago Janet Finch Saunders, Assembly Member for Aberconwy discovered that a photograph of hers had been ‘photo shopped’ and uploaded to a unsavoury website, the police were informed, the person who did this, a resident of Trinity Avenue in Llandudno was then cautioned under section 5 of the public order act, this was the right action for North Wales Police to take.
By taking this action, North Wales Police have set a precedent, this is the minimum charge that could be levied against Nigel Roberts, it’s more than obvious that there is one rule for an assembly member & another rule for other members of the public, especially where the Thoughts of Oscar blog is concerned.
For 7 years, this blog was allowed to continue with homophobic hate, defamation and harassment directed towards people & businesses.
North Wales Police have colluded to protect this blog & its authors, why? Is it because Nigel Roberts passed useful information on to the blog? Is it because of the influence of David Jones MP?
North Wales Police have failed in their duty to take seriously the complaints made against the blog.
Perhaps now it’s time that the obvious collusion & corruption in this force is investigated.