A Rude Awakening…..

This morning we had a rude awakening, at 05.25 the North Wales Police helicopter was hovering just at the rear of our home, it was all but motionless for about 15 minutes:

Eventually it moved to the side of my house and remained there for another 10 minutes, I resorted to phone 101, when I spoke with the operator regarding the unlawful presence of the helicopter for such a unnecessary amount of time, she informed me that North Wales Police would only authorise the use of their helicopter if it was really necessary as the cost was so incredibly high, to do so.
  1. Why then was it hovering above my home at such an early hour for at least 15 minutes? what was the really necessary and costly to the tax payer reason for that?
  2. When the occupants saw me filming them it then moved to the side of my home for another 10 minutes, why?
  3. If there was no good reason for it to be at my home, not just waking my family but neighbouring family’s as well, but it needed to be in the area, why did the pilots not hover above the golf club or beach away from a residential area?
  4. Strangely moments after my call to 101 the helicopter moved away toward the area of West Shore beach then disappeared all together.
  5. As for the operator telling me North Wales Police only use their helicopter if really necessary, because of the extreme cost, those of us that have read this blog: http://michaelcreamervsthemob.co.uk/2015/06/10/pc-0489-stephen-carroll-and-the-helicopter/ will be only to aware that that is bullshit.
Is this another example of the lengths North Wales Police will go to to harass my family and I and all because I refuse to give up on the exposing their collusion with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authors, primarily MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.