North Wales Finest Orificers raiding my home on 07-10-2015…..

Two out of the nine North Wales Police Orificers
when they raided our home.
All because David Jones MP for Clwyd West and his co-authors to his troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, said they felt threatened by this comment sent into my blog:
The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.
Look at the slovenly git in the background slouching against my living room wall, as if he owned the place.
I wonder how much the North Wales Police have cost the tax payer for the last 4 false arrests they have made against me over the last seven months?
All to protect the authors of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.
An FOI request will be submitted today.

2 thoughts on “North Wales Finest Orificers raiding my home on 07-10-2015…..”

  1. The police would be quick to kick up a fuss about wasting police time if kids were ringing up with prank emergencies, potentially putting peoples lives in danger. This is no different, look at the number of officers out of action while attending your premises under false arrests. It is not just the cost Richie, this is officers off the beat keeping riff raff, scum bags and vile trolls off our streets, sorry ommit the last one, they've done a terrible job of that!

  2. I think they don't look very happy about what they're doing and suspect that maybe some of them aren't. But then they have to obey orders, so the real blame lies with the higher ranked Orificers who don't give a toss. No brains, no feeling!

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