North Wales Police Remove Factual Controversial Comments From Their Wiki Page…..

I think North Wales Police do not want the public to be reading the true facts re-their four false arrests of me over the last seven months, but do not worry the facts are back…..and will keep going back…..

North Wales Police implicated in collusion[12] with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, a blog regularly contributed to by MP for Clwyd West and Freemason David Ian Jones.
North Wales Police arrest local blogger who has dedicated his time to revealing the collusion between the North Wales Police Force, the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar[13] & David Jones MP for Clwyd West. The blogger A Richie Windmill was released without charge after five months on police bail.
On October 7th 2015, local blogger Richie Windmill is arrested again by North Wales Police for a section 4[14][14] harassment offence against MP for Clwyd West and his co-authors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, he is detained, his home is raided, all his electrical items are removed including those belonging to his children along with an I Pad & Xbox One belonging to his disabled 8 year old son, the police also removed all personnel mail and the family passports, on the 25-11-2015, Mr Windmill was informed theCPS[15] had advised North Wales Police to cease the action against him and his goods minus his passports were returned.