The Thoughts of Oscar Troll blog, From Its Birth To Those That Controlled It…..

The disgusting troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, came to be in the flat above this Pharmacy.
The very same pharmacy owned by the late Paul Roberts.
Father of master troll Nigel 7 Bellies Roberts.

This internet troll, Nigel 7 Bellies Roberts, is responsible along with his late father for the conception of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’
Image result for dylan moore llandudnoThe only thing he ever conceived in this world.

Internet trolls assume many guises. 

David Ian Jones, author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ goes under the guise of a politician.He used the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ to attack and defame those who stood against him and people & business’s he just did not like.

Obviously this was all achieved under the guise of anonymity, Jones is the worst example of an internet troll I have come up against, he is extremely nasty and very devious.
Dylan Moore:
Image result for dylan moore llandudno

This one comes to us under the guise of a Solicitor, partner at David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno.

Moore is by far the smarmiest person I have ever had the displeasure to meet, like his mentor David Jones, he loves to engage in spite, but only from behind the mask of anonymity.

Moore only recently proved just what an accomplished liar he really is, when he deliberately lied about an individual in order to get her arrested. His behaviour is typical of an internet troll and he should never be trusted.

The question has be asked, “how did these nasty people and their co-authors manage to get away with such vile behaviour for so long” (7 years)?

Here is the answer.

Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys of North Wales Police.

Hard to believe I know but this Orificer of the law, afforded the above internet trolls the full protection of North Wales Police.

In return North Wales Police were able to have unsavoury comments published on that troll blog, comments that would be untrue but would help to sway a jury involved in crinimal trials they the police had managed to convince the CPS to prosecute, although a conviction was unlikely.

They were also plied with information about local goings on, especially in the run down area adjacent to Nigel Roberts Newsagents, by Nigel & Wendy Roberts.

Inspector Ian Verburg, protected the blog and it’s authors between at least 2009 & 2014.
When people and businesses that had been victimised by the blog and its authors, this orificer lied to one and all, he denied any knowledge of the blog or its authors consistently until the blog was forced to close thanks to its exposure in the House Of Commons. Verburg was 100% complicit with that troll blog.

Superintendent John Hanson, this corrupt little worm is by far the most dispicable poor excuse foe a police officer.
While over seeing the investigation that was finally ordered into that blog, Hanson had meetings with its authors, assuring them the investigation would go nowhere, he did not even interview Nigel 7 Bellies Roberts, despite the fact that in September 2014 7 Bellies held his hands up to being the author of the blog.

North Wales Police have sort to keep all the victims of that troll blog quiet, in the last seven months alone I have been wrongly arrested because I refuse to desist in my exposure of all these horrible people involved in that vile blog.

More tomorrow…..