Why couldn’t he have said this sooner?

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Former Welsh Secretary David Jones has finally admitted his involvement in the authorship of a blog Thoughts of Oscar, which was  blasted in the House of Commons by fellow North Wales Conservative MP Guto Bebb on September 9th 2014
Aberconwy MP Mr Bebb claimed there was strong evidence that the blog Thoughts of Oscar was linked to Dylan Moore, director of Clwyd West MP Mr Jones’ legal practice, David Jones Solicitors.
An individual named Nigel Roberts has claimed he was the “sole author of the blog”, this proved to be untrue, it was simply an admission to protect Mr Jones and some high ranking North Wales Police Officers.
Mr Jones said in a statement: “To address any perceived ambiguity in Mr Bebb’s address to the House, I wish to make it clear that I was completely involved in the authorship of the blog Thoughts of Oscar, I understand that the blog’s publisher, my good friend Nigel Roberts, had already admitted, prior to Mr Bebb’s appearance in the House, that he had acted alone.” “He had not, he was simply trying to protect others including myself, after all I am an MP you know. How do you think it would have looked if I had admitted my involvement in the first place”?
Mr Jones had vehemently denied any involvement with that blog previously, but added, “I feel it is time to stand up straight and admit the truth”, “the truth, that may ultimately affect my position as an MP, but to me it is so much more important to be open and honest an having consulted my Christian conscience this has determined my actions now”.
“I would like to make it clear, my reasons for authoring that blog were purely selfish and spiteful, I most sincerely apologise”.
Mr Bebb also used his debate to suggest there was the possibility of “collusion” between North Wales Police and the blog’s operators.
My Jones admitted that the blog had assisted North Wales Police on many occasion, but most importantly during the Creamer trials in 2010, where by posting untruths about Mr & Mrs Creamer, on the blog, it helped taint the jury’s mind.
In the Commons, policing minister Mike Penning said: “To sum up, I am really sad that my honourable friend has had to raise the issue. He has done the right thing in doing so.
“It is a tiny minority of police in this country who cause problems. If that is the case in North Wales, and it has not been addressed by the correct complaints procedure, my honourable friend has the right and should take it to the IPCC.”
Well we can always hope, can’t we?

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  1. Perhaps, Mr Jones will now issue personal apologies to all those who he has slighted, written false statements, or otherwise hurt with his words?
    Having now completely dishonoured himself he should also resign IMMEDIATELY from Parliament.

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