An Interview With David Jones MP For Clwyd West…..Part Two…..

Interviewer: “You were saying Mr Jones, that you had hatched a clever plan with John Hanson, Simon Humphreys, Nigel and Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams”, would you care to expand upon that”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “But of course, you know you have to be prepared to do all sorts of underhanded things in my profession, after all I have to protect my own interests”, “I had previously explained this to Windmill when discussing that man Creamer”.

Interviewer: “This I take it is the same Mr Creamer that you contrived with North Wales Police and Justice Davies to refuse his appeal against his proceeds of crime, which from what I have read and seen, was completely unjust and disproportionate, in addition the likely hood is that, had you not interfered in Mr Creamers trial in 2010, Mr & Mrs Creamer would never have been found guilty or prosecuted”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: Absolutely correct, I must explain you see, North Wales Police wanted a prosecution against the Creamers, they had tried and failed over at least twenty years, and with all the false arrests against him, this Creamer feller had cost North Wales Police a fortune in legal claims against them, he had become an embarrassment to them and they had to get him one way or another to justify their unlawful treatment of him and his family over the years”.

Interviewer: “Well I would not like to rub you up the wrong way, you really are a devious little fellow”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “Quite so, you know, I used the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog to cast untrue aspersions against the Creamers, this was a wonderful way to taint the jury and it worked, I also spoke with my contacts on the privy council to help ensure North Wales Police secure the conviction they so desperately desired”.

Interviewer: “What of this plan for Mr Windmill”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “Well, I say, really, I did myself proud with this one, father & mummy would have been so pleased with me”. “I got together with Nigel, Wendy Dylan and Ruby and conspired to do anything we could to get Windmill, then what ever that turned out to be I enlisted the help of Simon Humphreys and John Hanson as well as other officers belonging to North Wales Police”.

“The first incident we used against Windmill was wonderfully timed, Windmill was out walking with his son, we know he did this regular because we had had him followed, Nigel & Wendy were in their shop waiting for Windmill to appear, then they approached him and played out a rehearsed altercation, after Windmill left they phoned my friends in North Wales Police and accused Windmill of Violently harassing them, shortly after Windmill was arrested and detained, unfortunately we did not bank on the CCTV evidence showing the truth of the matter and as a consequence Windmill was completely exonerated”.

Interviewer: “What happened next”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “By coincidence during the same period Windmill posted a blog piece on his blog stating all sorts of nasty, but true things about me, nasty and hurtful all the same, you know one does not like to see ones name muddied in print, even if, as it was the case, in this instance it was all true”. “As this happened during the electoral period, I accused him of an electoral offence, he was arrested and detained, five months later he was released without charge, because it was all true, he had actually done nothing wrong, but the clever chap I am I used the written law and my palls at police HQ in Colwyn Bay to inconvenience him and his miserable pointless little life”.

Interviewer: “What happened next? pray continue”.

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “You know this fellow had managed to dodge my bullets thus far, so now desperate measures were called for, so again I got together with Nigel, Wendy, Dylan and Ruby, Windmill had published this comment on his blog”:

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    Bangers and Smash.

“So after discussing this comment with Superintendent Hanson, it was decided that we should all make complaints to North Wales Police and say we found this comment threatening, which of course it was not, but when you have the connections I have, I can make almost anything sound like a threat”.

“We had Windmill and his wife arrested, detained and their home raided, only to be told seven weeks later by the damn CPS that the Windmills had done nothing wrong, so the police returned all their seized goods, I am told my friends still have their passports, North Wales Police are denying they seized them, which of course they did, but its up to Windmill to prove it”.

“I have to say had our plan worked I was hoping to have his children put in care, who knows what would have happened to them then, I mean you have read about the Bryn Estyn scandal  I take it”?

“It has been such a distressing time for me and my family, I honestly do not know how I have coped, poor me”.

Interviewer: “What’s next”? “What are you hoping to do now”?

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “I am trying to find a way to get this horrible man locked up for Christmas, I am aware his family are everything to him, so depriving him of his family over the festive season would be wonderful, mmmmm, that’s what I desire, my friends both within North Wales Police and the Freemasons are working hard to that end”.

“Why Windmill is so desperate to reveal the truth about my wickedness I cannot understand, I am better than him, I am important, I am a politician, a solicitor, a Freemason, a man of high moral standing and above all a Christian, please could you tell him to leave me to my devious ways”?

Interviewer: “Well Mr Jones, before meeting you I had an open mind about you, but since my meeting with you I see you for what you are”.

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “You do, how wonderful, so you will help me in my quest to squash this man and all others like him, oh I say how jolly good, thank you old chap, are you a Mason”?

Interviewer: “No, I am not a Mason, thank goodness, nor am I the type of person that calls himself a Christian, I have not to this day met an honest so called Christian, neither am I going to help you, you are a devious little coward that obviously enjoys doing others down, I cannot find one good thing to say about you”.

“I will fight for the rights of people like MR Windmill & MR & Mrs Creamer, you will not do me or any other honest person down, you are a horrible little thing that will eventually face the consequences of its actions”. Legally speaking of course.

David Jones, AKA, Oscar: “Oh I say you cannot talk to me like that, I am important, now please leave my office, I am telling on you now as well, expect a visit from my friends at North Wales Police, oh Bryan, I say, tissue now & wine gums, I am so dreadful upset, oh Bryan give me a cuddle, boo hoo”.

Bryan: “Davie come here, there there, Georgie Porgy look after his didums, here wine you gums round this Davie, its very sweet, there there.