Little Piggies…..

This little Piggy followed me home, why?
More proof of harassment from North Wales Police, this orificer followed me from Oxford RD, down Builder St, up Builder ST West, then was waiting for me opposite Fairways, then he followed me to my home.
More expense to the tax payer.

2 thoughts on “Little Piggies…..”

  1. Be careful this time of the year as they could try to fit you up with a Drink Driving charge. The easy one is for them to swear blind that you failed to give a sample of breath. No proof needed, just ther word againt yours.

  2. Diafuckingbollical I call that! I supposethey can try to fit youup forlotsof things, just look at the goings on with Mick Creamer and The Mob.

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