The MP, the troll, the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’

How one doth lie to protect ones status
No matter what the cost to the innocent people he has so terribly affected…..
All these tweets from Jones official parliamentary Twitter account communicating directly with the Twitter account associated with the Troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,
were hurriedly deleted by Jones on 09-09-2014.
The very same day that Jones was exposed in the house of commons as an author to that blog.

If the man was innocent as he claims then why did he do that?
This vile creature will eventually be exposed for the liar and internet troll he is.
All these tweets were downloaded from a website called ‘Politwhoops’, a website that gathered deleted tweets from every elected official in the world.

When this was realised by Jones he used his connections to try and have the site closed down, he also had all these tweets deleted from that site.
Jones is desperate to cover up his lies and trolling behaviour and will stop at nothing to achieve just that.

In the last eight months Jones using his connections within North Wales Police has had me arrested four times, my wife arrested once and our home raided.

My wife and I were completely exonerated and have never been charged, it has come to my attention that David Jones is conspiring to get me arrested and detained for the Xmas period.

We are now dealing with these issues legally.

2 thoughts on “The MP, the troll, the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’”

  1. How low does an MP have to sink before David Cameron and the Whips tell him to resign? By all accounts this man is a liar, a cheat and a scoundrel, totally unfit to be a representative of the people at ANY level. A petition to Parliament should be created and efforts made through the local Constituancy to have him ousted forthwith, complete with his enterage such as Bryan George and other followers.

  2. How do they get the title Right Honourable. There does not seem to be anything Honerable about David Jones when one reads this and alot of other things being said about him. A total reverse of thetitle is in order I think.

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