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23-12-2015      22:40

Nigel Roberts outs himself as “sole author” after Guto Bebb’s House of Commons claims.

This is what Roberts claimed to be the case on September 9th last year.
A message on the website Thoughts of Oscar states: “I have always been the sole author of the blog – no-one else has ever been involved in it”.
Nigel '7 Bellies' Roberts internet troll  Liar Steals children's pictures Stalker Police informant

Nigel ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts
internet troll
Steals children’s pictures
Police informant

Nigel has today released this statement to us here at the Daily Post:
“Last year I publicly stated that no-one else has been involved in the production of the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, this was not the case, since at least 2008 I was assisted by others, people I have sought to protect, people who assured me, that I would feel no repercussions”.
“This sadly has not been the case, I have been constantly harangued by the group known as VOO, who claim to be victims of the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,  they have persistently accused me of trolling, themselves and others and have managed to prove the assistance of the blogs other authors”. 
“I have suffered the most horrendous backlash, my business premisses has had its windows smashed, both my wife’s car and my own were vandalised, as a result I feel I have been forced to close my well established and long term business, for fear of what might happen next and my wife and I are living on our nerves”.
“The assurances I was given have not come to fruition, I believe the only way this nightmare will ever end is by releasing this statement revealing the truth behind the blog and its authors”. 
“It has never been my intention that the blog offend or injure innocent parties, but since the involvement of the other authors this clearly has not been the case”.
“I would like to personally apologise to all the people that feel they were harassed by the blog and so in turn by me”.
“My late father and I opened the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, to help inform the local populous of the goings on within the walls of Conwy County Council and additionally keep them up to date with other goings on”. 
“My decision to finally revel the truth is very much a decision of conscience! my father, who was a well respected local man would, I feel would be ashamed if he were aware of how destructive our blog had become, so this I hope will finally put things right”.
Mr Roberts goes on to reveal those people who have assisted in that blogs authorship, naturally we publish these names with caution.
“I was assisted by a few rather important people, this has prevented me from speaking out previously, given the circumstances of the last year I feel I have no choice but to reveal the true authorship of my blog and do so with a heavy heart”.
“David Jones became properly involved with my blog during 2010, he had been a friend of mine for years and naturally I confided in him, David could see the advantage of the blogs anonymity and used that as a weapon to belittle his counterparts”.
MP David Jones. Liar Fraudster Homophobic

MP David Jones.

“David loves the cloak and dagger stuff and would aim some pretty nasty comments at certain individuals, for example he has a dislike for disabled people, to him they are an unnecessary drain on government resources,look at what he said about gay couples, but he could not be seen to be saying such things, so my blog provided a perfect platform for him”.
“David used his connections at North Wales Police HQ, to provide the blog with protection and in return I supplied North Wales Police with information that would come to my attention, this worked very well until the Guto Bebb affair and I must admit we did leave ourselves somewhat open”.
“Dylan Moore would collate information passed to him by David, then he would email that information to the blog for me to publish, that was more or less the extent of his involvement, but he like David did enjoy the cloak and dagger stuff”.
Dylan Moore corrupt solicitor author of the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'

Dylan Moore
corrupt solicitor
author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’

“Ruby Williams, well lets just say if you know Ruby she loves a good verbal scrap so my blog provided her with the means to carry on where she left off when she retired from journalism, where Ruby became a liability was when she had had a few drinks then start a rant with someone, I use to have to censor a lot of what she sent to be published”.

Ruby Williams Liar Stalker Foul mouth Internet troll

“I must state here that Wendy my wife never had anything at all to do with the blog”.
“There were other contributors, Chris Drew, CS Simon Humphreys, S John Hanson, a few of my Masonic pals and friends from the Three Towns Forum, to name but a few”.
“The above statement in  Nigel Roberts own words is a true account of how the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ operated, this has been said by various people before but has carried no significant weight until now”. 
“We are waiting on responses from Mr Jones office and North Wales Police, as well as the other mentioned people”.

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  1. I don't buy the Daily Post, is this for real or one of your 'fantasy' posts?

    If it is 'real' a scan of the actual paper would be good.

  2. Think you will be waiting for ever if you expect any of the other shitehouses to cough up about their involvement. Apologies are also due to those who were wrongly accused of being involved with the Blog or whose identities were used to post some of the vicious comments. An aplogy from Mr Roberts means nothing as far as I am concerned, once a liar, always a liar!

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