Why are some folk so intent upon malice? perhaps I am naive, but I could never begin to understand that mentality, although I have tried.

I am amazed these days at the amount of individuals who use the internet to hurt others, they do so behind anonymity or with the use of aliases, they never ever use their real names and never confront face to face.

In my day (that makes me sound old), in the 80’s and 90’s if you had a beef with someone you would meet face to face discuss the issue and move on. If I wanted to sound completely old fashioned and macho I should go the full hog and say this is the sign of a man.

The amount of so called men now days who attack from the anonymity of their key boards is not so substantial but they do exist, most are pot bellied middle aged men who lack mental stability and the love of family.

For whatever reason their lives lack something that their victims lives don’t, or they suffer severe inadequacy’s so they make themselves feel good by acting in the most vile manner from behind their computer screens.

Some off these messed up souls act together, quite often they don’t live in the same country as each other never mind the same area, these people have normally been associated for many years but their lives have taken them on different paths, from an employment perspective that is to say.

For example an individual shall we say Troll?, (that is the common name associated with folk who behave in this cowardly and vile manner), anyway a particular Troll/person, may have been gifted with a business and home that has kept them in the one area all their life’s, (nothing wrong with that),

But for some this fortunate position to be in just is not enough, they don’t feel fulfilled for whatever reason, maybe they have no children to help fulfil that gap in their lives and that is sad because those of us fortunate to have children have been truly blessed.

Others who chose to behave in this manner may have at one time been the school bully then as a young adult got his kicks from the violence of the 80’s football terraces, not necessarily using their bodily strength but instead using such items as golf balls with nails driven in them so the bully can bully from afar.

Quite often as we are all aware our life chooses can take us in very different directions, lets say the above bully ended up somewhere like Los Angeles in America working in a responsible position say as a security guard for a particular university but he misses the kicks he gets from bullying.

Another example could be a related friend of the above examples might be a retired journalist known for her/his aggressive and bullying tactics within her/his profession. Retirement can have the reverse effect on many folk, rather than enjoying their retirement with their families and grandchildren they feel frustrated,at not being able to fulfil that aggressiveness they demonstrated throughout their career, so instead turn to the key board and anonymity to fulfil their needs.

These are common examples of how certain people/cowards these days fill the desires riddled throughout their very being to bully others, they quite often work together with relative ease, the internet and social media platforms acting as their battle ground.

What These kind of souls lack in their own life’s they resent bitterly in the life’s of others, happiness and wealth does not revolve around money and status, it comes from the love of a wonderful partner and the joy of children and extended family, as in the Beatles song ‘money can’t buy me love’.

So how do we help these folk, they are obviously in need of help? well first we must stop their ability to harass and bully, for that we need the police, today there is a lot of legislation to help combat internet trolls. Then where possible employers should be informed, evidentially speaking of course, after all this behaviour demonstrated by an employee could reflect badly on the employer when the culprits are brought to task.

Once the actions of these afflicted folk has been stemmed then we should help them seek professional help, sometimes a period of incarceration is enough but quite often medical help is the only answer, in the fifties they would have been lobotomised, these days drugs are quite enough thankfully.

If anyone reading this needs help please contact your GP, they can refer you to a specialist who in turn should be able to help.

If anyone reading this is being or has been effected by internet trolls you can visit www.victimsofoscar.com, who can provide you with legal help and advice.

Do Not Suffer In Silence.