After much deliberation and contemplation I have decided the best way ahead in my pursuit for justice against the despicable unlawful behaviour of North Wales Police and their illegal actions against my family and I, is to press ahead.

I had for a time considered letting sleeping dogs lie, but then asked myself , why should I? after all neither my family or myself have done anything wrong, yet last year we were constantly persecuted by North Wales Police, and why? all because I refuse to give up in my pursuit of the horrible people behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the disgraceful involvement between North Wales Police and the authorship of that blog.

If it had not been for the fact that the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones had been outed as the major author to that blog and the constant lies told by him of his none involvement and in addition the threats he made against me for outing him, I would probably have dropped this a long time ago.

This is what the very dishonourable David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West concocted against my family and I over a seven month period last year, with the help of his Freemason pals within the ranks of North Wales Police:

  • 05-05-2015   I was arrested and detained for supposedly violently harassing Jones co-authors to that blog Nigel Roberts and his wife Wendy, (former Beanie bear sales people in Llandudno). Prior to the case being heard at court the Roberts withdrew their statement, they had lied as was proven by the CCTV evidence.
  • 05-05-2015   I was also arrested for  a 1983 electoral offence, Jones had accused me of effecting his chances of re-election during the last electoral period. This is because I posted a factual statement about him that accused him of being an internet troll and a liar, because I was telling the truth after 5 months of supposedly being on bail it was decided no further action should be taken against me, of course it should not have, I was innocent of any wrong doing and Jones is a liar. I say supposedly because prior to the investigating officer contacting me to give me the good news I had checked with both the CPS and CPS direct as to why I was still being held on bail, only to be told neither had heard of me or this alleged offence, (conversations recorded).
  • 07-10-2015   I am arrested at my home and accused of violently harassing all five of the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ over the internet. MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, Nigel and Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore their solicitor and Ruby Williams, retired journalist. After I am arrested and taken away my wife is then arrested for the same and dragged off in front of our children, North Wales Police then went on to raid our home, car, garage and summer house they took all our electrical’s, all our personnel paper work all our children’s electrical’s which included my disabled sons X Box and our passports, all the above items were returned seven weeks later minus our passports, North Wales Police are refusing to give them back but will not give a reason, also seven weeks later the CPS decided No further action could be taken against my wife or I, of course it could not we were innocent.
  •  09-10-2015 I was arrested for supposedly breaking my bail conditions, I had not and no further action was taken.
All the above clearly demonstrates just how corrupt North Wales Police are and just what an abusing manipulative lying disgusting creature MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones is.
We are now suing North Wales Police on five different accounts and are currently pursuing legal action against David Jones and the other afore mentioned authors of his troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.
We are waiting for my next arrest.
I have lodged complaints against various officers with processional standards, I have heard nothing, I have demanded to know who authorised my wife’s arrest, who authorised my arrests and who authorised the raid on our home, guess what? we have heard nothing.
I have asked for our passports, guess what, we have heard nothing.
Some of the items confiscated from our home were returned damaged we have reported this, guess what, we have heard nothing.
I expect North Wales Police to find a way of justifying their unlawful actions, which should make good reading.
I expect David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West to carry ion lying and trying to concoct action against me, what this foolish man does not seem to comprehend is that despite his best efforts to keep this out of the media as soon as proper legal papers are served it will then become of huge public interest, I mean, an MP, ex sacked Secretary Of State for Wales being sued by the victims of his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
I told you Jones sooner or later this will be out in the public domain where it belongs, you a nasty destructive little specimen and I simply cannot wait to see you get your comeuppance, legally speaking of course…..

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  1. Yet another brilliant Chapter from this Blog exposing the massive shortcomings of the North Wales Police, their corrupt practices and the collusion of the Member of Parliament, David Ian Jones!
    It is particularly disappointing to find that an MP has chosen to become embroiled in such goings on. No wonder he was discharged from his office of Welsh Minister, how low can the reputation of an MP become. Resignation from his position is the ONLY course of action for someone so disgraced. Or does he want to hang on just to play the "piggy in the trough" game with his Parliamentry expenses. If he is prepared to cheat on them, maybe the Inland Revenue should put a fine toothcomb through his company accounts!
    A bit of advice for Mr Jones, resign and become a hermit. Your family must be disgusted with you.

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