The barbaric sport of hunting

Below is what MP for Clwyd West David Jones says about lion hunting, I could not agree more with him, but why then does he support the barbaric and disgusting sport of fox hunting? practised by himself, (as a member of the Denbighshire hunt) and many of his Conservative contemporary’s?

Image result for foxes being torn to death by hounds
Image result for foxes being torn to death by hounds
David Jones said the export of lion bones for use in ‘traditional Chinese medicine’ was ‘the most disgraceful and revolting abuse of an important and beautiful creature’
(But I completely support fox hunting and the use of their remains as trophies).


The number of lions in Africa has crashed from 200,000 in the 1960s and may now be lower than 15,000, former Welsh Secretary David Jones has warned.
The Conservative MP said it was “astonishing” that the “despicable sport of hunting lions and other animals, for trophies is still allowed.”
Mr Jones secured a debate to raise concerns about the decimation of lions.
He denied that “trophy hunting somehow contributes to sustaining the species” and called for the UK Government to do more to stop it and encourage “strictly scientifically based conservation programmes.”

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  1. Must be about time that Mr Jones was cast into the lion's den! This person has so many biased ideas about people, not just animals, most of them of a rather selfish and despicable nature.

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