Tory politicians

I don’t believe that this world has many good honest politicians, across the political spectrum there are always going to be those that abuse their status.
Here in North Wales we have the classic example of a corrupt, abusive politician, this man:
MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones,
 take a bow sir, you are a liar, (you lied about not being an author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ amongst other internet abuses), a cheat, (you tried to defraud the tax payers of £81,000,), an abuser, (you abused your position as Secretary Of State for Wales, you helped influence the outcome of crinimal trials,perhaps that’s why Cameron sacked you? you supported your troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and afforded it protection with the help of the then, chief superintendent Simon Humphreys, you accused innocent people of wrong doings, just to inconvenience their lives), you are an utter coward, (you do everything against those who stand up to you via anonymity or with the assistance of you Masonic mates and your connections at North Wales Police).
Not only are you the most contemptible creature I haver ever had the displeasure to interview, you are the stereo type Tory politician.
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