What Ever Happened…..

What ever happened to Nigel & Wendy Roberts? the former newsagents and beanie bear sellers Of Nigel Roberts News Agents in Llandudno.

These two individuals seen regularly strutting around town like two prized peacocks, or in Nigel’s case more of a prized hepherlump!!
They both enjoyed the life of an internet troll, spewing forth their filth from the back office of their now defunct shop.

Because they were finally exposed as the internet trolls responsible for sowing so much discord via their many blogs and other forms of social media, namely ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, they were force to close their shop for fear of reprisals against them. As seen in the picture on the right.
A gentleman they had terribly upset decided to take the law into his own hands  by smashing the windows of their shop, as North Wales Police refused to act against them. Not for a moment does this blog condone that sort of behaviour.

For over seven years this pair along with their partner in crime MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, enjoyed terrorising innocent people from behind the cloak of anonymity and it was only when instructed by Jones that these dreadful creatures turned their attentions toward Jones colleague, Mr Guto Bebb, (who Jones had a distinct loathing for), that they came undone.

They had crossed the line many times previous to their accusations against Bebb, but because of the protection they were afforded by North Wales Police, they were never punished, that is despite of the many complaints reported to North Wales Police.
But in Bebbs case it was quite a different situation, like Jones Bebb is a Tory MP and as I gather very well thought of within the higher echelons of power. These silly people accuse Bebb of taking a bribe from an Israeli business man, something completely untrue, but in their eagerness to get out their wooden spoons and stir up trouble, added by their ignorance and lack of home work they published posts on their troll blog, posts written by David Jones saying just that. (You could always tell when something was written and published by Jones on that blog, Roberts is, well to put it politely, thick, whereas Jones although a nasty creature does hold an element of intellect).

So Bebb sort to expose the horrible blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and those behind its publication, with the help of some of the blogs victims, especially the more high profile Mr Creamer and an extremely professional and highly rated private detective (Mr Mike Naughton, of Lewis Legal), Bebb gathered the indisputable evidence he needed.

Bebb approached North Wales Police, but still they refused to act against that blog or its authors, (we will come to that shortly), so Bebb secured a debate in the House Of Commons,


he successfully exposed the blog and its authors for all the world to see, something we, the victims, of that blog will always be extremely grateful for, after all, we had all but begged North Wales Police for help, help which was constantly refused and is still refused to this day.

Shortly after Bebbs exposure of the blog, the former Welsh Secretary of State David Ian Jones, went into a flap, Former because a few months earlier Jones was very embarrassingly sacked from a position he had held for less that two years, a position which he brought scorn and shame upon, especially when he accused same sex couples of being incapable to provide a safe, loving and secure environment to raise children, how disgusting is that?

Jones quickly deleted all his tweets between his parliamentary Twitter account and the account associated with his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, this account had been vitally important to Jones, it allowed him to communicate with his blog, which was overseen by the Roberts, while he was away during the week, in London.

What Jones had not reckoned on was a web site called Polittwhoops, a web site operated in Holland, that’s sole purpose was to collect deleted Tweets from every MP’s Twitter account, world wide, Jones only became aware of this site after we published his deleted Tweets that we had gathered from Polittwhoops, Jones then sort to get this site closed in an effort to hide his involvement in the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

I interviewed Jones in November 2014, during that interview Jones continually denies ever having in anyway at all anything to do with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Jones we know is a proven liar and without any doubt what so ever, had become the main internet troll, behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

A few days after interviewing Jones I interviewed his long term business partner Dylan Moore, during that interview, Moore who is an intensive talker revealed the truth of Jones involvement with that blog,   http://conwyllandudnolocal.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/the-david-jones-interview-full-of-lies.htm

North Wales Police!!! why would they refuse to act against the blog in question and its authors? this is a question that had bothered many of that blogs victims for quite some time, it did not make sense at all, after all you should be able to rely on the police at the very least, but sadly for many this is not the case.

What we were unaware of was just how much North Wales Police were involved with that blog and equally just how much they themselves used it. I know far fetched you might say, but I can assure you, absolutely true.

Many members of North Wales Police are Freemasons, what you may or may not be aware of with Freemasons, is the amount of influence they have over our judicial services, our politicians (like Jones, many politicians are Freemasons) and our police forces.

Freemasons are infamous for protecting and helping to advance their own, Jones used his masonic connections within the ranks of North Wales Police to his own ends.

Jones instructed fellow Freemasons, Chief Superintendent Simon Humhpreys, Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard, who is ironically included in this years honours list,


and Superintendent John Hanson, to protect his blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and in return the blog would provide North Wales Police with the means to besmirch the reputation of individuals they were disparately trying to get convictions against, convictions that were, at the very least, dodgy and unlikely to succeed, but with the blog publishing things like, he is a rapist, he is a drug dealer etc etc, all completely untrue, but in theses days of the internet, where jurors, despite instruction to the contrary, will undoubtedly research the person they are going to choose whether to convict or not, inevitably influencing the final outcome.

This worked handsomely for North Wales Police and they managed to get convictions against some that they had been harassing for years.  http://michaelcreamervsthemob.co.uk/

North Wales Police are now themselves trying very hard to cover up their involvement with that blog, the repercussions, when this finally does hit the public domain, will be incredible and extremely damning, for both the police and the corrupt MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.

This inevitably brings us back to the Roberts, Roberts shop was situated in a less than desirable area, Roberts had first hand information of many of the not so legal activities and would pass this information directly to North Wales Police, which probably explains why this happened:
Image result for nigel roberts thoughts of oscar

Not that this blog condones this type of behaviour.

Roberts had been assured protection from any repercussions, this appears to have failed.

The Roberts have not been seen publicly for quite some time, although they are still trolling over the internet via several platforms, for fear of giving him publicity I will refrain from publishing the names of his new blogs and social media accounts, but it is wise to say these accounts are monitored and screen shot.

This information will not be reported to North Wales Police as we know what their response will be, no it is being gathered and collated for a civil pursuit against these awful creatures and will be made public when finally this whole situation is in the public domain.

One can only assume the Roberts are hauled up in their large,empty, lifeless hovel on Deganwy Rd:

The fight for justice goes on…..