Where are the Famous Five

North Wales Police last arrested me and raided my home on October 7th last year, for the following seven weeks while they held me on bail and held on to our belongings, I received many comments from these five despicable creatures on my blog, comments like:

 What about you turning up at the scenes of crimes and taking photos ? How many statements do the police have confirming this happened ? Your both toast when this goes to court. on The Famous Five & How They Came Together…

Your going down I reckon, premeditated harassment on an ongoing basis , your Mrs will get a suspended sentence due to the children. You’ve had it coming for a while, most of us loved the Oscar blog for exposing all it did. on Repeating ourselves..

Your wife and you could go down for this. Not good for a want to be lawyer and school governor. on Wendy SAYS…..Roberts…..
The usual rubbish from these cocky creatures who had on four occasions last year contrived with their Masonic mates in North Wales Police to have me falsely arrested.
After North Wales Police had their knuckles rapped and yet again the case against me was dropped and our belongings returned, these wretches have gone very quiet.

Is it because my wife and I have filed five law suits against North Wales Police and some senior Orificer has told them to wind their necks in, as this is certainly going to end up being very messy and expensive for North Wales Police?

Or is it because of the many complaints submitted to North Wales Police’s, so called Professional Standards department, against the illegal actions of their Orificers, all of which will undoubtedly end up in the tabloids once our claims against North Wales Police have concluded.

Maybe its because when this does eventually end up in the tabloids, which it will, the likes of David Jones are going to have some very awkward questions to answer, questions like:

“Why did you lie about your not being involved with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, when you clearly were”?

“Why did you use your masonic friends to help influence the outcome of certain crinimal trials and appeal hearings”?

“Why did you falsly accuse Mr Windmill of lying about you”?

“Why did you threaten Mr Creamer”?

“Why did you encourage your co-authors to your troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ to lie about the Windmills in official police statements”?

“Why did you use you influential contacts at North Wales Police HQ to concoct several false arrests against the Windmills and have their home raided? all of which was to no avail”.

I suspect that the damage done to property belonging to some of these people has probably made them think twice about their vile behaviour, life does have an uncanny way of catching up with bad people.

The Roberts have not been seen publicly for sometime, Moore the little worm has also been keeping a low profile, MP for Clwyd West David Jones is still doing the political circuit, but to date has not contrived to have me arrested again and has stopped calling me a paedophile, at least publicly and Ruby Williams absence has been noticed because of her un-characteristic quietness, we do not receive any more obnoxious phone calls or threatening comments from her.

North Wales Police have their own problems to deal with, shameful corrupt organisation they are…..

I wonder how helpful Dickens is going to be to Nigel Roberts now he is back in the area, I suspect Dickens has realised what a horrible specimen Roberts is, especially having seen the stuff Roberts wrote and published about him on his other troll blog ‘Llandudno Malice In Wonderland’.

Whatever the reason for their lack of noise since last November, it is a welcome relief to all the innocent people they would have undoubtedly have been slagging of under the guise of anonymity via their various social media platforms.


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