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MP David Jones. Liar Fraudster Homophobic

MP David Jones.

A sacked Tory was blasted for saying same-sex couples “clearly” could not provide a “warm and safe environment” to raise children.
Gay marriage opponent David Jones made the comment on ITV Wales’ Face To Face programme.
An bizarrely he added: “Which is not to say that I’m in any sense opposed to stable and committed same-sex partnerships.”
And insisting that he was not homophobic, he said there are gay people “who are important to me”.
The sacked Welsh Secretary’s previous Labour counterpart  blasted: “These comments reveal the nasty party is alive and well under Cameron.”
Gay Labour MP Chris Bryant today wrote to Mr Jones demanding to see evidence to support his comments or an apology.
He said: “To cast aspersions on same-sex couples’ ability to provide safety and security is profoundly irresponsible, this oaf is clearly ignorant beyond belief.”
Andrew White, the Welsh director of the gay rights organisation Stonewall, said: “We’re saddened that the disgraced ex Secretary of State for Wales should make such an offensive and inaccurate remark.
“There are many different types of family in Wales today, including many same sex couples raising children. 
“It’s deeply undermining to families and children when they hear this sort of ill-informed comment.”
Downing Street said the PM is “a supporter” of gay marriage and gay ­adoption.