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David Jones the dishonourable, dishonest, corrupt, lying internet troll that paints himself out to be a citizen of grand repute.

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The truth is something this horrible specimen would not recognise if it slapped him in the face.

Over the next few weeks I shall be blogging about the dreadful things this creature has been responsible for, for quite some time now.

So to start.

1, During the short period of time Jones was Secretary Of State for Wales (When Cameron became aware of just how big an idiot he had appointed as Secretary Of State for Wales, he sacked him), he abused the extra power that position bought him, to the benefit of himself and others closely connected to him, one of the most devious things he did at the behest of  Chief Constable Mark Polin and his underling Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys was to interfere in an appeal against a high profile but dodgy conviction.

In December 2010 Michael and Anita Creamer were convicted of mortgage fraud and both were sent to prison.

For a period of more than thirty five years the police had persecuted the Creamers yet in all that time they had never convicted them, especially Michael for any offence at all. Yet they had arrested him on many occasion, searched his home and held him on bail for years, all this with supported evidence can be read here www.

Michael, as a result of the illegal actions by North Wales Police, against him and his family, has successfully sued North Wales Police on several occasions.

This sort to drive the powers that be to convict the Creamers come what may, in 2008 Michael and Anita were arrested for alleged mortgage fraud, they were kept on bail until late 2010 when they faced trail at Mold Crown Court.

North Wales Police managed to get their conviction but on very unsafe grounds and evidence, again please refer to www. this will enable you to read more in depth just how unsafe this conviction was, I will blog more about North Wales Police illegal activities in a later post.

Toward the end of Michaels incarceration, in November 2012 an appeal case was heard for mortgage fraud,

In July 2007 Mr Waya was convicted of obtaining a money transfer by deception in relation to the false statements he made when applying for a 60% mortgage. In January 2008 a confiscation order or proceeds of crime order (POCA) was made in the sum of £1.54m. This was calculated by deducting Mr Waya’s contribution of £310,000 from the increased market value of the flat. 

To understand thoroughly the Waya case please refer to the above ink, but put simply the Waya case went to the appeal court first in 2012 where the POCA order was reduced to £1.1 million, then after appealing further the Waya case was reviewed by no less than nine law lords who reduced the order from £1.1 million to £0.000.000.

So not only did Waya end up owing nothing he also served no prison time.

Take into account at this point Waya was guilty of applying fraudulently for a mortgage. Michael and Anita Creamer were not.

In the case of Regina Vs Creamer there was no complaint, there were no monies borrowed or owed at least not against their present home, yes like all of us the Creamers had had mortgages on properties they had purchased earlier in their lives, but all those mortgages had been redeemed and they owed not a single penny to any individual or business.

I have provided you with a brief synopsis behind what is a very complex situation so please refer to the below link for a better understanding of the Creamer case.

The whole Waya ruling provided case law for any similar appeals, the Creamers appeal was lodged and waiting for a hearing date.

North Wales Police were aware of what is now known as, the Waya case law, and panicked, they knew The Creamers not only had a very good case to appeal their sentences but because of the Waya ruling they were also aware that if the Creamers were to appeal their POCA order they would without a doubt win, there was no way they could loose, it was impossible as a precedent had been set, you cannot have one ruling for one and one ruling for another.

The only way around this for North Wales Police to prevent the Creamers appeal being heard was to have it quashed and this is where David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West and Secretary of State for Wales, played his part.

What you must be aware of is, once an MP is elevated to Secretary of State for Wales he automatically becomes a life long member of the privy council, who’s ranks are predominantly made of of senior judges and law lords.

You also need to be aware Jones is a Freemason as are Chief Constable Mark Polin and Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys and several other senior serving police officers within the ranks of North Wales Police.

Here are two links that will explain just how powerful and corrupt the Freemasons really are especially here in North Wales:

Jones was summoned to a meeting by Chief Constable Mark Polin and during that meeting he was asked to make sure that the Creamer’s appeal was refused, Jones was happy to oblige.

Jones spoke with two of the three presiding judges, one of who was the Welsh judge, Lord Limbert Davies, a former colleague and fellow member of the Privy Council

Mr & Mrs Creamer were denied their lawful right to appeal their convictions and POCA order all because North Wales Police new that they would win and the repercussions for them, the police would be incredibly embarrassing to say the least.

David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West has a lot to answer for.

More of his illegal and corrupt actions soon…..

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  1. Distasteful very distasteful, the behaviour of this man should be pointed out to the prime minister or at the least the chief whip. I am a proud Conservative, this chap will only solve to bring scorn on the Conservative party.

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