The Truth

A very worrying and corrupt reality…..
The consensus of opinion at the formation of the Victims Of Oscar Group, was that the reinvestigation into all the complaints about the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar brought to the attention of North Wales Police and indeed senior officers Inspector Ian Verburg and Chief Superintendant Simon Humphreys over the last seven years, that came about as a direct result of Guto Bebb’s speech in the house of commons on September 09th last year, would be a sham and this has proved just so.

This has to raise questions, no, it has to raise serious questions, why? Let’s look at the facts:
1. Since 2007 the Thoughts Of Oscar Blog has been responsible for homophobic comments of the worst kind, for defaming local businesses and assisted in the near closure of some businesses, assisted by one of the blogs main contributor/author, David Jones MP for Clwyd West.
The blog has harassed and defamed many individual adults, children, families and the deceased of certain families, but far worse than that the blog and its authors are responsible for threats against Mr Jonathan Williams, of Deganwy, which without doubt assisted in his decision to take his own life.
2. The authorship of the Thoughts Of Oscar blog have colluded with North Wales Police!! In the recorded words of Mr Dylan Moore a Solicitor and senior partner at David Jones Solicitors in Trinity Square Llandudno, ‘yes I did speak to Nigel Roberts (the self confessed sole author of the Thoughts Of Oscar Blog),’ and Nigel did say he passed information on to the police via the blog’.
So the assumption here is that the authorship of the blog had an agreement with senior Officers at North Wales Police, that they would pass useful information to North Wales Police and in return the North Wales Police would rebuff any complaints brought to them regarding the blog and its content, which they did.
3. Since 2007 there were six recorded complaints brought to the attention of North Wales Police, I say six recorded because we know there were many other complaints that North Wales Police did not record but threatened the complainants with wasting police time.
One such complainant, an openly gay man had been attacked on the blog in the most horrendous homophobic way that when he complained directly to Inspector Ian Verburg, he was threatened with arrest if he complained again.
All of the original six recorded complainants were dealt with in the same way, North Wales Police said and I quote , ‘we do not know the authors behind the blog and at any rate the behaviour of those responsible did not fall within the criteria of the law’.
In 2009 a report compiled by Hertfordshire Police with regards to internet based harassment and defamation (Trolling), became the accepted guidelines for all UK police forces and as a result the report and its guidelines was issued to all UK police forces nationally.
The report and its subsequent guidelines are quite clear, giving all police officers senior or otherwise the clear knowledge on how to tackle the most minor of internet based harassment/defamation, never mind the more vicious and damming harassment/defamation clearly dished out by the authorship of Thoughts of Oscar.
This being the case why then did North Wales Police not act accordingly when people including myself and my wife (we took our complaints to North Wales Police in March 2013) supplied officers from North Wales Police with clear evidence of quite devastating harassment and defamation?
Why instead did North Wales Police choose to tell all complainants that they had no knowledge of the blogs authors and under the current laws no law had been broken? Both of these statements were clearly untrue.
4. In October 2010 Mr and Mrs Michael and Anita Creamer were put on trial in Mold Crown Court for mortgage fraud. During and leading up to that trial the authorship of the blog posted many horrible, untrue and defamatory comments aimed at Mr and Mrs Creamer.
Why when these comments were brought to the attention of the presiding judge he ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to speak with the blogs authors directing them to have all comments already posted removed and for no further comments to be published for the remainder of the trial? Within two hours and having never left the court DC Don Kenyon returned to the stand he swore an oath that the blogs authors had been spoken to and been assured all comments would be removed with no further appearing for the remainder of the trial.
5. Between 2007 and 2014 North Wales police insisted they did not know who the blogs authors were, so either DC Don Kenyon lied on oath or North Wales Police are lying, Why what are they covering up?

6. In a recorded interview with Mr Ian Ralph, previously of Kindways Computers on Trinity Ave Llandudno and IT man for many local businesses including David Jones Solicitors and Nigel Roberts News Agents, Mr Ralph in his own words says ‘yes David Jones MP was involved with the blog’, he also confirms the involvement of Nigel Roberts, then he goes on to say of Dylan Moore’s involvement, ‘Dylan acted as a buffer for the blog’ ‘feeding information from the likes of David Jones MP to Nigel Roberts’ who would then presumably print it on the blog.
7. In 2011 the owners of North Wales Recovery were attacked by the authorship of the blog, at one point the comments appearing on the blog moved from attacking the business itself and started to attack one of the owners sisters who at that time had been quite ill and was losing her hair, the blog authors thought this fair game and derived her, posting disgusting remarks at her illness and loss of hair.
As a result North Wales Recovery contracted Mr Michael Naughton of Lewis Legal, to investigate the authorship behind blog and ultimately those responsible for its vile comments.
With the aid of modern gps data tracking technology and some very thorough investigating Mr Naughton was able to conclude that on a scale of between one to ten David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno scored a ten as being one of the authors behind the blog, on a scale of between one to ten Mr Dylan Moore of David Jones Solicitors Llandudno scored a ten as being actively involved/authored the blog, on a scale of between one to ten Mr David Jones MP for Clwyd West scores ten out of ten as being one of the authors behind the blog.
During his investigation Mr Naughton attended the home address of Mr David Nigel Roberts in the hope of asking him some relevant questions under oath regarding his involvement with this blog, Mr Roberts refused to speak with Mr Naughton instead sending his wife out, Mrs Roberts asked Mr Naughton to leave which he did but before doing so he politely handed her his business card asking her to ask her husband to get in touch.
Mr Naughton then paid a visit to the offices of David Jones Solicitors requesting to speak with Dylan Moore, although Mr Moore was clearly visible and free in the reception area on Mr Naughton’s arrival Mr Moore quickly removed himself to an upstairs office refusing to speak to Mr Naughton, who in turn left the office leaving only his business card.
Twenty minutes after Mr Naughton left the area he received a phone call from non other than chief Superintendant Simon Humphreys Of North Wales Police, who asked Mr Naughton why he had attended the property of Mr and Mrs Roberts warning him to leave well alone as they, the police were conducting their own investigation into the blog.
Mr Naughton was left feeling incredulous, after all this sort of complaint would ordinarily have been dealt with by a PCSO or a uniformed PC and the response would have been a lot slower.
Now that’s what I call very good service, I mean I once had cause to contact North Wales Police when my daughter was assaulted, it took them nearly two weeks to do anything about it, I had a huge problem just getting a uniformed bobby to take a report let alone a Chief Super and then they only did because I kicked up such a fuss.
Dylan Moore had complained to David Jones MP that he was being followed/harassed by a member of North Wales Recovery.
North Wales Recovery, who had never had any difficulties with the Inland Revenue, VOSA or any of their contractual work, suddenly found themselves being investigated by the Inland Revenue and VOSA, but more importantly had their main contract suspended, this was the highly lucrative police contract, the result of which nearly closed the business.
David Jones MP has recently admitted it was he who instigated the above actions against North Wales Recovery.
Neither the Inland Revenue nor VOSA found anything damming, within a fortnight the Police contract with North Wales Police had been re instated.
8. In a recorded interview with Mr Chris Drew, a former member of the defunct North Wales Police authority, and in Mr Drew’s own words, ‘I had a chat with Chief Superintendant Humphreys (Of North Wales Police) during an authority meeting about the Thoughts Of Oscar Blog and Humphreys said he had been aware for quite some time that Nigel was behind the authorship of the blog’.
9. During a recorded meeting with the previously mentioned Mr Dylan Moore, in his own words Mr Moore says ‘David was a regular contributor to the blog’ Mr Moore was then asked ‘you mean David Jones’ Mr Moore then replied ‘yes David Jones, I mean it was his job you know, as a politician it was his job and yes he regularly contributed.
Previous to Mr Moore stating the above I had at Mr David Jones MP’s invitation, attended a recorded meeting with him, his office manager and my wife, during this meeting which lasted 57 minutes Mr Jones repeatedly denied having ever had any involvement in any way with the Thoughts of Oscar blog, but more importantly in his words he says ‘ I have never contributed to that blog, I mean why would I? It would be a bonkers thing to do, why would I write an illiterate blog, I’ve no time for blogging I mean at that time I was a cabinet minister working seven days a week in Westminster’.
All this coming from a man who has had his own blog, who takes a huge interest in social media and who is also close friends with David Nigel Roberts.
It has long been speculated that staff employed by The North Weekly News and The Daily Post have also colluded with the blog, this would explain why when the connection to David Jones MP and the blog was brought to the attention of the editorial staff at these respective local papers they point blankly refused to go to print.
During Ian Ralphs recorded interview Mr Ralph confirms the involvement of Ruby Williams, retired journalist, Judith Philips, retired journalist and Tom Davidson, journalist.
Another name that has regularly cropped up is that of our local Conservative Assembly Member, Janet Finch Saunders. During a recorded interview with Janet Finch Saunders, Mrs Finch Saunders admitted to have had a problem with a photograph of her that had turned up on Google’s search engine whilst she was researching herself, as you do!
This particular photo had turned up on about page ten of her self-search and showed her head on the naked body of another woman, she reported this to North Wales Police who after making enquires discovered the culprit and cautioned under a public order offence.
Mrs Finch Saunders also explained that prior to Guto Bebb’s announcement in the House of Commons on the 9th of September last year when he named Dylan Moore as being one of the authors of Thoughts of Oscar, she had agreed with Dylan Moore to sign anything necessary to say that she had heard Mr Bebb talk of Mr Moore’s involvement with the blog outside of Parliament.
Mrs Finch Saunders is a close friend and ally of David Jones MP and Dylan Moore.
Why did North Wales Police act so quickly and professionally to bring the culprit responsible for the doctoring and subsequent publication of a relatively mild if not humorous photograph to task.
Yet when it comes to the stealing of identities by the Thoughts Of Oscar authorship to harass and abuse others, when the most horrible homophobic comments are posted on the blog by its authors just to attack a particular individual, when deceased relatives are mocked and abused on the blog just to have a go at a Conwy family, when a local family man is attacked and defamed, his employers drawn into it with the blogs authors suggesting that this man could not be trusted to drive vulnerable people from A-B during the course of his duties, when comments are posted exclaiming that parents of disabled children are selfish and that disabled children are a drain, when children are openly named and subjected to intimidation on the blog, when a local Conwy business was forced to close after the authors of the blog wrongly accused the proprietor of covertly spying on young girls when they were trying on dresses, when every politician in the area bar David Jones MP are regularly attacked in one form or another and councillors maligned simply for objecting to planning permission which would have benefited one of the authors.
Why did the North Wales Police refuse to act in any instance and why have they concluded at the end of this re investigation into the blog that no further action will be taken against the authorship of this clearly damming blog? Please tell me why because without any other exclamation the only conclusions to draw are as follows.
1. North Wales Police have colluded with the blogs authorship to protect their identities and provide them with anonymity from prosecution.
2. In return North Wales Police received information from the authors and the blog to their benefit; this is supported by Dylan Moore’s recorded statement.
3. If North Wales Police had done their job properly and professionally resulting in a conviction against the blogs authorship, that would serve to open the flood gates, resulting in all those affected by the blog that were rebuffed by North Wales Police, legally serving against them for their collusion and complete lack of professionalism.
4. Then there are others that have been involved in high profile court cases would have every right to an automatic review of their case’s because of the vile and vitriolic comments posted about them and their families before during and after their respective court cases, whether any of these people are guilty or not, in these instances all those comments that appeared on the blog would have had an effect on any juries final decision.
This all sounds like something from a far fetched Jack Higgins novel you just couldn’t make it up, it’s quite unbelievable that the small town of Llandudno and its surrounding area could be knee deep in corruption.
Chief Superintendant Simon Humphreys and Inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales Police, David Jones MP and previously sacked secretary of state for Wales, Dylan Moore a solicitor, Nigel Roberts a news agent and at least three journalists all involved in a vile and twisted troll blog.
Any and all recordings plus transcripts are available on request.