Police Officers get away with it again

A North Wales Police Officer and his Officer wife, who were banned for five years from keeping animals after they were filmed savagely beating their pet dog, in the rear yard of their home, not only was he allowed to keep his rank and uniform but has since been promoted.

The same disgusting Orfficer was yesterday awarded custody of his 12 year old son from his former marriage.

This is not because the boys mother was a bad mother, in fact quite the contrary, it was because the Orificer had been quietly poisoning the child against his mother and the boy decided to choose to live with the dog beating Orificer and his dog beating Orificer wife.

When the Officer in question appeared in court, he used his public paid for police car to do so and appeared in full uniform, after the hearing he then waited down the road from the court to follow his ex wife’s ‘McKenzie friend’, who had appeared in court for support, he followed the friend then stopped her in a 50 MPH zone for doing 52 MPH.

This is the act of a bully and a blatant abuse of power, but something quite common with North Wales Police Orificers, as this blog has clearly proved before.

PCs Craig Macleod & Anja Mason, were banned from looking after any animals for five years yesterday after 240 hours of distressing film came to light.

PC Craig Macleod & PC Anja Mason, North Wales Police Dogs Cruelty