North Wales Piggies

You’re at a club, the end of the night is nigh, you’re lagging and that pint you’ve nursed for the last 20 minutes is going flat. But wait, the DJ is pulling a strange tactic, one that leaves you with only two options, raving your tits off, or slamming your pint down and calling it a night – he’s playing the Peppa Pig theme tune, North Wales Police had just entered the building hoping for a freebie, when the bar man stood up to them the DJ played an appropriate song and we all raved our tits off.

That’s similar to the events that unfolded in a club in North Wales recently. Kind of When police officers walked into Cooney’s Bar in Lllandudno, the resident DJ played the song to taunt the ‘pigs’. 

The venue subsequently had it’s operating license reviewed after the incident and the disk jockey was placed on his last warning. 
“We want to draw a line under it and get on and a have a good relationship with the police, if we show our true feelings they will persecute us, as they are a law unto themselves, so we have to play the game to placate them. I am sorry for everything but we are relieved and want to move on. The DJ is still with us at the moment. He has three children and a wife. I said: ‘This is your last chance, you are not allowed to have drink. If you have a drink then we will have to let you go.’ He’s been on his best behaviour since, but in all honesty we are secretly proud of him, after all they are pigs aren’t they?,” Joane Cooney, owner of the bar told Wales Online.
The officers involved were unhappy with the incident and so submitted an official complaint to Conwy county council’s licensing committee, of course they did the whinging pussy’s. 
At a hearing, Cllr Ken Stevens, chairman of the licensing committee, having just licked the Chief cunstable’s arse, said that changes needed to be made, according to Wales Online, “If an officer is not happy to visit then how do members of the public feel? (Safer, they hate these pigs),  Officers should not have to ask for a manager to deal with a situation. Up until now, the premises has been run in a lax and unprofessional manner. We accept that changes have been made to management and the premises.”