Superintendent John Hanson

During the last year Superintendent John Hanson of North Wales Police closed complaints made against the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ & David Jones the MP for Clwyd West.

Bent copper Liar Freemason Passed information from the police computer to David Jones MP

Bent copper
Passed information from the police computer to David Jones MP

David Jones MP for Clwyd West accused Mr Richie Windmill of being a paedophile, which was a complete falsehood, his justification for saying this about Mr Windmill is because there is an age difference of 17 years between Mr Windmill and his wife of 17 years.

MP David Jones Liar Fraudster Homophobic Greedy Internet troll

MP David Jones
Internet troll

Jones has held a personnel grudge against Mr Windmill for exposing him (Jones) as being the main author behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Mr Windmill reported this accusation to North Wales Police, it was duly passed to superintendent John Hanson to investigate, three months after the complaint was made and because Mr Windmill had heard nothing from North Wales Police, he contacted them to ascertain where they were at with the investigation into David Jones false allegations against him.

Mr Windmill was informed that superintedent John Hanson has closed the complaint on its receipt.

Coincidently Hanson was also tasked with the investigation into the authors behind the troll blog ‘ Thoughts of Oscar’, Hanson concluded that there was no case to answer.

Mr Windmill contacted senior lawyer at the CPS, Karen Dixon, to determine how that decision was made, Ms Dixon informed Mr Windmill that “North Wales Poice had decided prior to her receiving the file that no further action should be taken & that after a brief glimpse of the file they, the CPS agreed with North Wales Police.

Mr Windmill recorded the conversation as with all other connected conversations.

During a meeting with Hanson, Mr Windmill asked if the police had interviewed Nigel Roberts (the self confessed author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’) Hanson replied “no we did not but we popped round to his shop for a quick chat and a cup of tea”……conversation recorded.

Last October Hanson ordered the arrest of Windmill and his wife, and a search of their home, as a result they confiscated all electrical items included children’s toys, private paper work and the families passports.

Windmill and his wife we’re never charged as the accusations against hem were proved to be false, their goods were returned, some damaged, but their passports have been withheld.

At first the Windmills were baffled as to the reasons for their illegal treatment by the police, but it soon came to light that Hanson had an ulterior motive for the illegal arrests of the Windmills and the confiscation of their goods, Hanson wanted the covert recording made by Mr Windmill of their meeting as this recorded conversation clearly demonstrates Hansons corrupt and inept behaviour, that recording is safely with Winmills solicitor.

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  1. Just how much trouble can two, supposedly intelligent people cause through indiscriminate and vitriolic, abusive use of Social Media. David Jones MuPpet, and Nigel Roberts should be charged with all the cost incurred by the Police and others connected or concerned with this utter fiasco!

  2. I think that it will not be too long befor many of the Victims of Oscar demand reinvestigation of there complaints against Oscar, the Police and anyone else, including MPs. There is a minefield of hate and resentment against Nigel Roberts and his cronies all ready to burst into the limelight.

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