An excellent read

It seems the attempted cover up by North Wales Police regarding their incompetent actions when trying to deal with a dog loose on a quiet stretch of the A55 at 3am, is set to blow up in their faces!

The following link is to an article written by Michael Creamer, an article that I hope the dog loving British public pick up on and complain on mass to the IPCC about the obvious incompetence of North Wales Police and subsequent cover up of the truth.

Those of you that would like to comment about this issue and others, but do not because your aware that North Wales Police monitor Mr Creamers web site along side this website and others similar, and could cause inconvenience to you for speaking out against them, stop and think before you decide not to.

North Wales Police have a history of abuse against people who speak out against them and at this moment in time are being investigated for just that, stand up and speak up, the police are supposed to be our protectors, they are public paid for servants and that is all they are, unfortunately North Wales Police have been for many years now embroiled in corrupt behaviour that has become part of their very core.

North Wales Police have been in bed with senior Freemasons, corrupt MP’s,(David Jones MP for Clwyd West), bench judges and a local CPS that is riddled with masonic connections aligned with senior members within the ranks of North Wales Police, (Superintendent John Hanson, ex Chief superintendent Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburg, Chief Constable Mark Polin, to name but a few), so much so that they have become a law unto themselves, or so they think, they have no integrity what so ever.

Stand up and speak out…..