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The ever corrupt Inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales Police professional standards department…..
Do North Wales Police even understand the meaning of the word professional?
Inspector Verburg was the Llandudno based Inspector that between 2007 and 2014 told the many people that complained about the awful troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ (authored by MP for Clwyd West David Jones and published by Nigel 7 Bellies Roberts), that he did not know who was behind that blog and North Wales Police could do nothing about it.
That has been proved an utter lie, Verburg was fully aware of the authorship but afforded them full protection, mainly because Nigel Roberts of Sandcastles Deganwy Road, is a registered police informant and David Jones MP for Clwyd West, of 84 Tan Y Bryn Road, Rhos On Sea, was during that time secretary of state for Wales and a big supporter of North Wales Police.
Verburg now works for North Wales Police professional standards, what a joke…..
Verburg has recently issued a memo to all North Wales Police Officers, ordering them not to read the following blog:
Why would he do that?  are his colleagues and himself that afraid of the truth? of are they more afraid of the eventual outcome?
 If you, the readers care to read the above blog you will discover a web of deceit and abuse against an individual and his family, that stood up against the corrupt actions of North Wales Police, this abuse spans forty years, has been fully documented and is fully supported.

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  1. Having read all the info available there is substantial evidence that Verburg is unfit to continue or be recognised as a member of the Police Force. Such comment could also be aimed at a few other high, middle and low ranking officers. Get out of the Force all of you, none of you deserve our respect.

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