MP David Jones and his lies

David Jones spent 57 minutes trying to con me into believing he never ever had anything to do with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of ‘Oscar’.

We all know most MP’s are liars, but this MP has to be the most corrupt lying twisted hypocrite I have ever met…..

You be the judge, take your time and listen to this devious little wretch…..

1 thought on “MP David Jones and his lies”

  1. This is a real eye opener for those who do not know this one of our Welsh MPs. How devious it all sounds, twisting and turning at every chance like a cornered rabbit. How are we able o trust such as his ilk? How are we to have confidence in the way the country is being run? Mr Jones, for Mr it should be, does not deserve or live up to the fancy titles given to all and sundry by the Mother of Parliaments. Get rid of such as Jones, get rid of the ceremony and corruption and get down to running the country for the benefit of all.

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