North Wales Police

Yet another total cockup by the Polin boys..
How to alienate even more of the public:
1. Don’t believe what the driver is saying.
2.Tow the car away despite protestations.
3.Give an innocent woman 6 points and a £200 fine.
4.Leave a 20week pregnant woman by the roadside.
5.Force her to pay £105 to get her fathers car back.
All this happened because direct line did not upload the insurance data onto the insurance database.
Full story on the bbc wales news pages.
What the hell was the copper who stopped her thinking of?
Talk about overzealous, bloody nazi more like it!
The police involved didn’t even bother to call the insurance company to check if there was a problem.
What next CC Polin?
Dump pensioners by the side of the road if they get stopped and can’t produce their documents?


North Wales Police  Mark Polin Liar Corruption

North Wales Police
Mark Polin


Time you stepped down Mark..The buck stops with you..