David Jones MP

Yes you got it, the infamous internet troll MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, along with his little gang of trolls, carries on trolling!
They do so in the safe knowledge that there good friends at North Wales Police will do nothing to stop them.
Here he is the fat gutless useless seedless jaffa, internet troll Nigel Roberts, formally of Nigel Roberts Newsagents, Llandudno…..

Roberts was forced to close his business after he was publically exposed as an internet troll and police grass…..
Dylan Moore, the slippery slimy worm who wrote most of Jones defamatory articles which were published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Moore still operates as a solicitor working for David Jones, but keeps a very low profile especially since he himself was exposed as an internet troll and faced repercussions for his vile behaviour…..

Ruby Williams, my favourite out of this bunch of useless trouble makers, Ruby has the foulest mouth I have every heard and enjoys confrontation, but in her defence she is good for a laugh as this link proves:  http://conwyllandudnolocal.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/ruby-ruby-ruby-ruby.html

Rubys favourite pass time is stalking me in supermarkets, she done it twice now, very strange, but there you go it takes all sorts!

Chris Drew, mmmmm what to be said about Drew, an ex member of the police commission, a good friend of Jones and Roberts, a lover of the wooden spoon, just a nasty old man…..

After his exposed involvement in the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Drew has been very quiet, good.

There have been consequences for some of these trolls to face and will be more in the future!!!!!

Their latest blog shall remain nameless, I have no desire to help them achieve reader stats…..
Their previous troll blogs were as follows:

Thoughts of Oscar
Llandudno Malice in Wonderland
We Hate Gays & the disabled
Rhos on Sea Glory Lost
Colwyn Bay the last stand
CSI Llandudno

All these nasty poisonousness blogs were closed by Google, but North Wales Police in the words of Superintendent John Hanson said, “that they may be offensive to you (the alleged victims) but not to others” “therefore there is nothing we, the police can do”!!!!! But then North Wales Police are a law unto themselves.

Not at all nice reading and all designed to inflict upset and pain against others, all under the guise of anonymity…..

Guess what? this gutless gang of keyboard horrors use anonymity to troll their chosen victims, which generally involves my wife, my children and myself.

No surprise there then, yawn yawn…..

They continue to accuse me of being a paedophile (David Jones favourite accusation against me), all because I met my wife of 17 years and partner of 19 years while see was still 15, oh shock horror, and nearly twenty years on they still continue to try and sully our relationship with their childish, cowardly bullying.
The typical behaviour of a coward and internet troll…..

These people accuse me of being a paedophile for the reasons already stated above, but for the last four years they have been stealing pictures of my children, from my wife’s Facebook page, they have stolen pictures of my wife from aged four upwards, they have stalked my wife and children and the children of a Plaid Cymru AM member.

And they call me a paedophile?????

All the pictures they have stolen, they have published in disgusting articles, all these articles and pictures were screen shot and reported to North Wales Police.

North Wales Police say they are not breaking the law.

But when a picture of Janet Finch Saunders, the AM for Aberconwy was stolen and published on the internet, North Wales Police investigated arrested the culprit and prosecuted him, but then Finch Saunders is a good friend of David Jones.

North Wales Police investigate and prosecute those they select, they do not investigate their friends and fellow Freemasons.

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