The Dog Bites Back

A short time ago North Wales Police deliberately ran a dog over and killed it.

Their excuse for taking this action was that they feared the dog would cause an accident!

Take into account that it was 3am, the road was extremely quiet and the traffic officers in question had the technology on board their vehicle to safely close the road while the dog was carefully caught.

But no North Wales Police say that the safest thing to do was run the dog over and kill it, which is not just a lie but also a cover up!!!!!

The above link is to a video statement released by Chief Superintendent Sacha Hatchet of North Wales Police. It is full of lies.

Information brought to my attention reveals the truth, the officers who ran the dog down were in fact travelling toward Bangor, they were travelling above the legal speed limit (which is quite often the case), they were sharing some banter and not taking care of the road ahead, (mainly because it was so quiet, they struck the dog as it ran into the road, startled by their headlights.

So in essence it was an accident, but an accident brought about by lack of care and attention and speeding.

North Wales Police could have issued a statement to that effect, but no, as is usual with this inept force they choose to cover up the actions of their officers by lying and misleading the public with the totally untrue statement we are all aware of.

This is not uncommon, North Wales Police use this kind of behaviour regularly to cover up their incompetence.

The information I have received is from a serving officer and shall remain nameless, this officer is appalled by the action of his/her superiors.

North Wales Police are in the habit of supporting officers who are cruel to animals as the below video demonstrates.

The irony is that the two North Wales police officers involved in this video now work as traffic officers in Bangor, and many of their colleagues refuse to work with them as a result of their inhuman cruelty.

Neither of these disgusting officers were sacked as a result of this video evidence.

Surely it is time an outside force was instructed to investigate the unprofessional, if not illegal actions of North Wales Police.

The Police generally are disliked and distrusted so a good chunk of honesty by the police regarding their many illegal and dishonest actions would go a long way to restoring some public faith.

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  1. If this were the A N Other Police Force, these so called officers would have been ousted by their own colleagues long before now. Internal justice is always more harsh than the law.
    A policeman in the centre of the Charge room being tormented by dog handlers with their dogs would be a sight to behold and would not be the first time such punishment on a policeman was metered out.

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