David Jones MP outed

This is Jones enjoying life as a cabinet minister in 2012,
Jones in focus
Jones was flying high, not just in his short lived position as Welsh Secretary, but at that time his anonymous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was also giving Jones a tremendous feeling of euphoria, as it attacked political opponents, their families and ordinary members of the public,
A darker side of Jones that very few new about.
Jones at the time despite his ascending to cabinet level along with his successful internet trolling, suffered sexual dissatisfaction, certainly in the normal way, he suffered very erratic mood swings and quite often this frustrated him,  which subsequently left him with the physical problem of  erectile dysfunction.
A common problem with males who suffer emotional outbursts.
Internet trolling often brings sexual relief to the troll who is unable to achieve a climax in the normal manner, which naturally relives the frustration of erectile dysfunction.
So although life at that time was for him on one hand successful, but on the other he was inconstant turmoil over his physical dysfunctions, this quite often resulted in Jones lashing out at those closest to him and making threats to those who had sort him out as an internet menace.
As can be heard in this recording, more than once…..
Jones began to make embarrassing public mistakes like the following gaffe where Jones declares that same sex couples are incapable of providing a safe loving environment for the raising of children:
Then Jones patronisingly informs us he has gay friends, he does not, his business partner Dylan Moore is in a same sex relationship.
If you care to look at some of the articles Jones published on his troll blog they clearly demonstrate just how homophobic Jones really is.
The below picture is of a gay man known as Billy King, Jones published this picture on his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, with the caption “Billy King takes it up the ring”, then after that was forced to close, Jones went ahead and re-published it on his new troll blog CSI Llandudno, which was subsequently forced to close.

This kind of behaviour brought unwanted problems to David Cameron and the Tory party in general, unfortunately at the time of this disgusting homophobic statement very few people were aware that Jones was behind the troll blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Especially his boss David Cameron…..

Jones went on to make a further remark about a disabled veteran:


Jones was very quickly becoming a liability to the Tory government, Cameron had realised his mistake in promoting the man and using a cabinet reshuffle gave him the excuse to sack him.
Jones in late 2014 was taken to task by the then Chief Whip, Michael Gove, for lying about his knowledge/involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, after the blog was outed in the House of Commons by fellow Tory MP Guto Bebb:
As a direct result of Bebbs revelations a group was formed, http://victimsofoscar.com/ this group is comprised of no less than 44 known victims of Jones troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and has for over a year now campaigned for justice.
As a result Jones targeted the leaders of the group namely Michael Creamer http://michaelcreamervsthemob.co.uk/  and me, he promised to, and I quote,”deal with Creamer in my own way”, Jones subsequently used his connections both within the Freemasons and the privy council to have an appeal hearing for Mr Creamer thrown out, a hearing that without a single doubt Mr Creamer would have won.
Jones went on to promise to do as much damage to my family and I, all because I helped out him as an author to the afore mentioned troll blogs.
Jones has lived up to his promise, last year I was illegally arrested on four occasions (all of which amounted to nothing) and my home was raided, Jones also had my wife arrested, a lady who has never put a foot wrong, but Jones had Nigel & Wendy Roberts along with Dylan Moore and his partner Mark Bonnsal, lie about my wife, http://conwyllandudnolocal.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/north-wales-police-troll-blog-thoughts.html,
These lies were quickly discovered, please read the above link, but Jones ensured North Wales Police did not act against his friends and fellow internet trolls, the above mentioned people should of faced charges of wasting police time, perjuring themselves and perverting the course of justice, these charges should have been levelled against these despicable liars, but because of Jones influential Masonic friends in the higher echelons of North Wales Police, they were never even spoken to.
If it were a case of me or you doing the same we would have been charged with one or more of the above.
Some people for now are above the law, well certainly North Wales Polices definition of the law.
All these illegal actions by Jones Freemason friends at North Wales Police are being dealt with by our solicitor, Jonathan Smallwood, of Brodie Jackson Canter.
Jones as yet has not been held accountable but will without a doubt be held accountable in the not so distant future.

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  1. From what one reads, Jones is a useless lawyer, a liar, is sexually frustrated, an MP expense juggler, a homophobe, child hater, and all in all apparently not a very nice person. Let's see how much longer he will remain as an MP! With what is due to appear on the horizon, it will not be long.

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