Police, Freemasons & MP David Jones

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This is the moto North Wales Police use as to project the public image they are trying to portray…..
How so very far from the truth can they get?
North Wales Police are not governed by good fair professional people, they are governed by Freemasons and a politician….. 
As many of my readers are aware, I have, along with 43 other individuals, been campaigning for justice against the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
We have done everything thing we can to achieve this to the letter of the law, we initially reported our concerns to North Wales Police, who on each and every occasion denied any knowledge of that troll blog and its authorship, the police lied, they had been complicit with that blog from its outset, we however, took their denials as an honest statement and went about our lives, (after all they are the police, the very people we should be able to trust, how wrong we were) but still being attacked by that troll blog and its authors, all for different reasons.

In the case of my family and myself they attacked us because I had blogged about the good professional actions of PC Mike Smith, who had dealt with an assault against my daughter.
The authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ contacted me and told me that PC Mike Smith could not be trusted and I should steer clear of him.
I took them to task over what I considered to be a bizzare statement, and assured them I was more than capable of judging the actions of a man for myself.
They, the authors, then sought to attack my family, they published this statement about me: “Windmill is selfish for bringing his disabled son into this world, all disabled children are a drain on society”, and all because I refused to succumb to their mentality where PC Mike Smith was concerned.
That was the start of months of hell, we reported these comments to North Wales Police, but were told they could do nothing as they had no knowledge of the blogs authors, these words came direct from Inspector Ian Verburgs mouth in February 2013, he deliberately lied Verburg had been fully aware of that blog since at least 2009.

After the toll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar was forced to close when it was revealed as an internet menace in a house of Commons speech made by the MP for Aberconwy Mr Guto Bebb, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-29141800 we, that blogs victims came together as a group, http://victimsofoscar.com/ and started our collective campaign to have the people behind that awful blog brought to justice…..
It quickly became apparent that senior officers within the ranks of North Wales Police had been instrumental in the publication of that blog and used it as an intel tool, we also had it confirmed that the MP for Clwyd West was indeed, not just behind that blog, but the main author.
When we published our findings we received no support from North Wales Police, we were immediately attacked by David Jones and his co-authors via their new troll blogs, Llandudno Malice in Wonderland and CSI Llandudno, amongst others.
These blogs only attacked members of our group and as one of their blogs is closed by Google, they go on to open new blogs that continue to do so to this day, and in the safe knowledge that North Wales Police will not pursue them for their diabolical behaviour.

North Wales Police started a campaign of harassment against me and my family as follows:

1, May the 5th last year I was arrested at my home for allegedly violently harassing Nigel & Wendy Roberts in the street on the 27th April last year. Nigel & Wendy Roberts were the publishers of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. All this can be supported with undeniable evidence, evidence which was passed to North Wales Police and made public.
The CCTV evidence for the above arrest showed that it was the Roberts who had harassed my son and I,


2, On the same day I was arrested for allegedly effecting the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, chances for re-election that year. David Jones was the main author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. All this can be supported with undeniable evidence, evidence which was passed to North Wales Police and made public.
David Jones deliberately lied about me.
After five months of being kept on bail and at one point being reinterviewed, on three different occasions I was told by the investigating officer that the file for this alleged crime was with the CPS.
On the 5th of October last year I contacted the CPS at Mold and CPS direct to find out was was going on, both departments had no knowledge of the alleged offence or of my involvement in it, this I found shocking. It turns out I had been on bail illegally, something that is now being dealt with by my solicitor.
Within half an hour of coming of the phone to the CPS I was contacted by the investigating officer, PC Carl Barlow, (who earlier that day I had tried to communicate with but was told by North Wales Police control that he was on leave), PC Barlow told me he had just heard from the CPS, they had informed him that no further action will be taken against me!!!!! highly suspicious I believe.
3, On the 7th of October last year and about 10.30 am 9 police officers stormed my home, they arrested me for apparently violently harassing the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.
David Jones MP for Clwyd West
Dylan Moore solicitor and business partner to Jones
Nigel & Wendy Roberts, Jones Publishers of his troll blogs
Ruby Williams, retired journalist and co-author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’
All these people that had harassed relatives of deceased people, gay people, disabled people, local businesses’ councillors, every local MP but David Jones, children and their parents, accused me of harassing them by publishing this comment that was sent into this blog by a reader:
The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

They claimed the above comment caused them alarm and distress. Could someone please tell me how this is harassing?

After arresting me North Wales Police then arrested my wife for violent harassment, this is their reasons for doing so.
Dylan Moore and his Partner Mark Bonsall contacted North Wales Police to claim my wife had harassed them, they claim my wife had been in my car when I had driven by their home to photograph their damaged car, they say she took the pictures and published them, they claimed that this action caused them distress and harassment.
They lied, as the evidence in the above link proved, in addition my wife was at work at the alleged time of the alleged incident.
Nigel & Wendy Roberts accused my wife of harassing them outside their home by taking photographs, another blatant lie as is proved by the above link.
After arresting my wife, who had never in her life put a foot wrong, North Wales Police went on to raid our home, they took everything including our children’s electrics and toys, and our passports and personal mail…..
4, Two days later on the 9th of October last year I was re-arrested for apparently breaking my bail, their reason for this was because I re-published the comment that had caused the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ so much harassment:
The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

I did so to demonstrate the difference in the way my family and I are being treated, all because I refused to let up on seeking justice for the people so terribly affected by the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones and his fellow internet trolls.

After being held for 10 hours I was released again without charge.
We were soon to discover the true reasons for our arrests and the raid on our home. North Wales Police had been harassing me by turning up at my home at all hours after a spate of vandalism to the cars belonging to Nigel & Wendy Roberts and Dylan Moore, (they even had their helicopter hovering above my home for 15 minutes at 5am, when I complained they blamed the coast guard, it was not, I have recorded the incident.) something I knew nothing about so when I made a complaint they decided on the above actions in the hope they would find evidence to the contrary, they did not, because as I have already said I knew nothing about these mindless acts.
In addition Superintendent John Hanson, who I had covertly recorded during a meeting with regards to that blog, was anxious to retrieve that recording as it clearly incriminates him, that recording will remain private until such time as this either gets to court or one of the tabloids get involved
Seven weeks after our arrests we were contacted by the investigating officer PC Carl Barlow to say that the CPS would not be taking any action against my wife and I.
We have since then been trying to get on with our lives, but are constantly frustrated by the way we have been illegally treated, by the way North Wales Police have conducted them selves, by the obvious collusion between several senior officers within North Wales Police, the Freemasons and the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.
I am never going to stop publishing this and seeking justice, never…..
My wife is studying for a law degree, she works, she volunteers her time for our local school,she is a great mother to our children and a great friend and wife to me.
I am being treated for depression and anxiety, all brought about by the vile actions of David Jones his fellow internet trolls, their continued actions over the internet and the corrupt actions of North Wales Police.
I am waiting for North Wales Police to come knocking or breaking through the door again.
I am waiting for the civil claims against North Wales Police to conclude.
I am waiting for the local press to publish this incredibly corrupt saga, which they have refused to do so so far, they have been threatened with legal action by David Jones if they publish and by North Wales Police.
I am waiting for justice against these corrupt powerful people.
Please share our story, we need the help of you the public.