North Wales Police

WPC Anja Mason, 32 and PC Craig Macleod, 37, who live together in Prestatyn.
continually abused their pet dogs as demonstrated in the video below.
A neighbour filmed them hitting and kicking the pets and called the RSPCA.
Both admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a collie pup called Tess and Macleod to a rottweiler, Snoopy.
Both were prosecuted for their appalling cruelty, both were allowed to keep their jobs despite public opinion to the contrary…..
Macleod & Mason currently work in traffic and are stationed in Bangor, are they the two officers that killed the dog on the A55?
PC Macloed was recently involved in a custody battle for his son, he attended Llandudno magistrates in full uniform and a police vehicle.
After the hearing he waited for his ex wife’s legal advisory, followed him then pulled him over doing 52 MPH in a 50 MPH zone.
PC Macleod is a horrible devious, poor excuse for a human being.
This behaviour is not uncommon amongst North Wales Police Officers.
North Wales Police are an embarrassment.