North Wales Police

Two days ago this story appeared in the Daily Post:

If you read the above post it clearly indicates that North Wales Police employ people THEY CHOOSE TO, with crinimal convictions.

Why do I use the term, THEY CHOOSE TO?

Without rehashing the whole ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ affair, those of you that read this blog will be aware of the campaign of harassment against myself and other members of have had to endure at the hands of North Wales Police.

This harassment has been orchestrated to protect and hide the involvement between North Wales Police, the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, Freemasons and the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

All of which has been proved and documented.

Back to North Wales Police and the Daily Post article.

A short while ago a local lady applied for a job with North Wales Police, she did not even reach the interview stage, this had nothing to do with lack of qualifications, of which she had more than sufficient, or personality faults etc,

No the reason North Wales Police refused to even interview someone who quite possibly would have proved an asset to North Wales Police, was, according to North Wales Police, because she had been given a caution at the age of 15.

Over 15 years later and for one tiny mistake, a mistake of youth, this is the reason North Wales Police gave this lady when turning down her application.

Interestingly this lady has passed a rigorous CRB check and is employed as a teacher.

So how is it that North Wales Police have employed people in positions of Police Officers who have all these convictions on their CV:

  • Handling stolen goods – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Assault – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Breach of peace – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Fraud under the benefit act – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Possession of a controlled drug – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Drunk and disorderly – two officers with conviction prior to joining
  • Obtaining property by deception – one officer with conviction prior to joining
  • Criminal damage – two officers with convictions prior to joining
  • Driving without insurance – two officers with conviction prior to joining

This has to beg several questions?

1, Do North Wales Police employ people with or without convictions because of who they are or what they represent?

We know for sure North Wales Police are riddled with Freemasons.

2, Is their policy to not employ females with previous convictions or cautions?

3, Or is it simply because in this case this lady is the sister of one of the most effected…… ?

A person who David Jones sent a solicitors letter to in 2009, threatening him with legal action if he did not cease in his attempts to expose the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, who were at that time running a campaign of intimidation against him

This very quickly comes rolling back to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, North Wales Police & their involvement with that blog & of course its extended authorship…..

Lets examine the evidence:

1, The troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ is exposed in the house of commons…..

2, Voo is formed…..

3, North Wales Police are ordered to carry out a thorough investigation into that blog.

They did not, how could they? when it would have resulted in the exposure of their involvement, the involvement of the MP for Clwyd West David Jones (who was for a short period during that blogs life time, SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WALES), and the extended authorship, especially Nigel Roberts who we know to be a police informant.

4, David Jones is exposed as an author to that blog in a covert recording made during meetings with himself and his partner in crime Dylan Moore.

5, Jones threatens to do as much harm to my family and myself for that exposure.

6, Over a period of 5 months I am arrested five times, unlawfully as is my wife and our home is raided, nothing ever came of these arrests and that raid resulting in great embarrassment to North Wales Police.

7, During a private investigation into that blog and its authors in 2011, the highly respected private detective Mr Michael Naughton, of Lewis Legal, visited the offices of David Jones, he was refused an interview, he politely left his business card and left.

Twenty minutes later he received a call from  none other than Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, of North Wales Police, ordering him to leave his suspects, the authors of that troll blog, alone.

8, When the undeniable evidence of the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ is given to the Daily Post, they refuse to publish it, why?

This is the biggest if not the most important public interest story to come from a sleepy little area like Llandudno, a story of undeniable corruption, a story of crooked police officers, a story which involves Freemason, a newsagent, a solicitor and an MP, you just could not write it, it is unbelievable, but all very true and supported by documented evidence.

9, Tom Davidson and Jezz Hemmings, both long standing reporters with the Post are exposed as contributors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

They both gave and received information from David Jones and Nigel Roberts.

10, Ruby Williams a retired journalist & cousin to Judith Philips (a senior reporter at the Post) is exposed as an author to that troll blog.

All this evidence is documented and available to anyone from the press.

Going back to the lady in question, it seems that North Wales Police will employ dog mauling idiots and people with all manner of convictions, but not a professional lady of good character and standing in the community.

But a Lady who is the sister of a very prominent member of .

So clearly the police are selective as to who they want in their force (Freemasons), this clearly indicates their vetting system is seriously flawed.

The MP for Clwyd West David Jones has his grubby, corrupt little fingers all over this and not for the first or last time.

Sooner or later the tabloids will pick up on this very corrupt story, we will present all our evidence and finally these horrible people will be exposed.