The domino’s are starting to fall

Jones and his recent trolling!
The underlying problem with internet trolls rests within their grey matter, they are unable to exist without the urge to troll, anonymously.
No self-respecting internet troll, trolls in their own name.
Take the internet troll and MP David Jones.
Jones stated trolling back when we all used AOL, he used the pseudonym Laertes. Laertes was not a very pleasent chap, quite appropriate really.
Jones progressed to blogging anonymously, using his now defunct troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, to defame his political opponents and anyone who he took a dislike to.
Since the demise of that troll blog Jones has opened several new troll blogs including CSI Llandudno, which like the rest were closed down by Google after numerous complaints.
Recently Jones started to troll his boss David Cameron, anonymously using a twitter account called @BrexitInJune, once he was discovered he put his name to it, but I said all this in my last post.
Jones says he disagrees with Cameron’s stance on Europe and that is why he trolled him, personally I think Jones is still smarting from his very embarrassing sacking as Welsh Secretary, which was brought about by this interview:
This is one of many gaffes on Jones part, but the straw that broke the camels back, Jones holds the honour of being the shortest serving Welsh Secretary.
It seems that others are now airing their deep concerns about Jones suitability to represent the Tory’s as the MP for Clwyd West, his mentality is definitely cause for concern.
Jones has blocked me from his troll account, but not before I screen shot the content.
Jones will just keep on digging, until at least the hole is to big for him to climb out of, by that time it will be to late, his credibility has long since taken a nose dive.

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  1. Was curious, had a poke around his Twitters, a lot, sorry, most, no I mean all of it, was just a load of tosh. Doesn't know his arse from his elbow it seems to me. Talk about disjointed, seems more like nuclear fusion has taken over. No Mr Jones, that is not a reference to blue touch papers!

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