David Ian Jones MP

MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, has a tantrum as his long standing victim of his vicious troll blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Guto Bebb MP is promoted as under Welsh Secretary and a government whip.


Jones’ career is all but over, be careful who you have a go at on your way up Jones, cause it’s a painful long drop down. All Jones’ spite and nastyness has come back to haunt him.

North Wales Police will have to be a lot more forthcoming with Bebb now! They will not be able to walk all over him as they did when they were protecting Jones and hiding his trolling behaviour.

Let’s hope Bebb stands up for the people who need it!!

3 thoughts on “David Ian Jones MP”

  1. We must hope that Guto Bebb has learnt a lesson from watching the antics of David Jones, and that he will not tread the same path. Maybe Jones is now seeing the error of his ways. He is aging fast and may well disintigrate into a pile of useless dust in the not too distant future.

  2. Well, well, well, what a turn up for the books! It is amazing how things can turn out to haunt you, and this will give D Jones a few sleepless nights, I bet. Well done Guto, and may your God go with you!

  3. Just love that slight smirk on Guto's lips! A very nice reverse in fortunes, me thinks.

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