Freemason friends

The below link is a very informed and accurate piece, it clearly indicates what many of us already know about the level corruption amongst Freemasons.!topic/pepis/y6UeChE_ODY

It is interesting to read just how many MP’s, Police officers and members of the judiciary are Freemasons, in addition just how much time and effort is invested in the helping of and protection of their fellow members.

We, that is to say members of, www.victimsofoscar have for a long while now been aware of the level of Freemasons within the ranks of North Wales Police, additionally how the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, a fellow Freemason, has used those connections to his advantage.

They afforded Jones protection for his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, but this has all been said before.

They afforded him help in the victimisation and illegal arrests of my wife and I, but this has all been said before.

They acted for him when he was being investigated by a private detective, they contacted this detective and warned him off after he had visited Jones office. but this has all been said before.

They provided PNC information to Jones on people who were investigating his illegal activities, but this has all been said before.

They raided my home on Jones request, but this has all been said before.

Jones is a vile person  who has brought pain and stress upon many innocent people, he is a person of no conscience and has enjoyed anonymously trolling his many targets.

Jones has an unstable temperament that has resulted in him allegedly hitting his wife, shouting obscenities down the telephone at me, recorded, threatening Mr Creamer, recorded, threatening me, recorded, threatening the local press with legal action if they published our findings about his authoring of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, recorded, and now to top it all he is caught trolling the PM…..

Jones is predictably unpredictable and needs to be removed from his political seat in Clwyd West, before he brings more shame and embarrassment on the area and his political party.

North Wales Police are corrupt throughout and police to their own end.

Freemasons are at the very heart of the corruption spewed forth by these people.

Like many things in life it sometimes takes a long time for the truth to out, so we are prepared to slog it out and wait for that time to come, come it will.

Jones recent trolling of the PM is further proof of just how horrible he is and will hopefully be the beginning of the end for him and his masonic palls…..