Lets Not Forget

Off Off You Go Then….Nigel Roberts Legacy when he snuffs it….The most hated man in Llandudno & an internet troll…good riddance.

Here we go his official statement published on his shops Facebook page.

Who does he think he is kidding? The Roberts’s received nearly 60 comments almost immediately, rejoicing in their departure.

Quite appropriate the shop is closing on Halloween, what with the evil behaviour they have displayed over the internet for the last eight years.

What customers is he referring to with his thanks?

His fellow internet trolls maybe, or the poor tourists who are naturally oblivious to his vile behaviour.

Or maybe his mates in North Wales Police. Here he is the horrible troll, passing on info.

J.F says:    Well after the amount of people and businesses he has destroyed! He has now destroyed his own, karma at its very best 
smile emoticon D.E says:      Can you have an ‘amount’ of people?
D.H says:   Let’s not be pedantic David. Joe’s point is entirely valid.
B.A.A says: What good news ! Not forgotten the way he humiliated me at the shop last year...

P.E says:     Au revoir to Llandudno’s biggest tosser. Good riddance

R.C. says:   More like no one goes in your shop no.more so time to give up hahahahaha!!!!!! Go rot in hell Nigel!!!! Never will u slate my partner family and get away with it again!!! Best news I’ve heard all week!!!

D.H says:   I’m enjoying these comments already! 

J.S says:     I’m enjoying these comments already! 

G.O says   Be able to have more time to being the nasty troll that he is

J.J.H.H. says:   Hahahahaha! Killed his own business like he did with my dad’s. ……..rot in hell you prick! Really picked me up to see this. …retirement! My arse….

C.E says:      What are all these young girls in llandudno going to do for a job now oh perhaps he could employ them as writers for a new blog that slate 90% of the town and name it after his dead shop

C.E says:

D.E says:     If it is a joke, it is a poor one. Could someone explain what all this is about – why is the man so hated?

R.C says:     Ever heard of Thoughts of ocsar troll blog? need I say more he was the main man behind it turned it from a great read to slating families dead people etc is probably most hated man in north wales !! I could go on all day!!!

J.T says:     of course you can have an amount of people… And good riddence to that horrible pig of a man and his over priced shop full of tat…

G.O says:       Hope people know buying that bussiness know its a tarnished name being sold by a horrible spiteful troll .

D.E says:      I think I get the drift but I haven’t heard of forts of ocsar (is that really the spelling). What is it – a book of some sort?

C.E says :        http://www.dailypost.co.uk/…/north-wales-police-take-no…

R.C says:     Yes and its a web page that been closed.down Now I think as a politician and a corrupted police officer were involved too

C.E. says:   Thoughts of Oscar google it David Evans

C.E says:  Can’t understand why no charges were ever bought against him or perhaps it down to a select few who are members of a certain male only branch in llandudno helped with that

R.C says:   I know its a joke he will get his come uppance!! I’m sure of that!!

D.E says:   and what does ‘slate’ mean please – you’ll have to excuse an out-of-touch dinosaur.

J.T says:   slate means to bad mouth, disrespect, talk rubbish about some one

D.H says:   My family, among others, was unfairly targeted by “Oscar”, that I will never forget.

G.O says:   No charges bought against him colin cause he one of the boys

C.E says:   and this is their house of worship.
  Colin Ellis's photo.

D.E says:    I knew nothing of this, and now the comments in the blog are inaccessible I will never know what lay at the bottom of it. It does look though as if there has been some kind of cover-up involving people in high places.

G.O says:   The guy as hurt a lot of people with is vile comments . And lots of people knew what he was doing but let him get away with it cause it helped them . Then when he caught and named in parliment by guto bebb he owned up but others in on it to .

C.G says:   Thoughts** sad to see the actual shop go tho. Glad he’s gone.

D.E says:   If he was as nasty as you say, what was his motive – did he have one?

G.O says:    In is warped brain yes .but seems he enjoyed hurting people. Lots knew who it was including police but until gutto bebb mp for conwy named him in parliment thought he was untouchable

C.O says:   Dedicated website for the victimswww.victimsofoscar.com

This could actually be a useful thread for people share information, anything they know of the authors or believed authors, coincidences etc etc. I fully expect the same idiots to come out attacking me for simply posing the question, if your a victim 

Ellen Windmillhttp://michaelcreamervsthemob.co.uk

C.O says:   Bloody hell, just read this. Unbelievable!!!
G.H says:   Fair play all these ‘kind’ remarks ensures the chap concerned has a send off to remember.
R.L says:    Colin Ellis you are deluded if you think a cretin like nigel roberts is backed by freemason 
C.E says:   Yes ok I’m deluded and I know nothing about a secret society which only a select few can join or be nominated to join and as you assume I know nothing about please because you have only commented on this taging me into the comment you obviously want to put me strait on something I know nothing about can you possible explain to me how you know more than me about this and as you don’t know me and what I know also how am I deluded because unless your a member you won’t know the ins and out of what goes one and who turns up for meetings and who dosnt
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G.O says:   I didnt see a comment that roberts is backed by freemason
C.E says:   I didn’t either George
C.O says:    Sainsbury’s is my first choice. I popped in a few months back, went up to the counter to pay for my North Wales Weekly News, Nigel was no where to be seen and his wife Wendy was serving behind the counter, I paid for my paper, said ‘Thankyou, and let Nigel know Craig was asking after him’, she started fumbling and give me an immediate refund’. She replied “Oh I thought it was you” surprised she recognised me really, seeing as I had never met his wife Wendy face to face before in my life. It made me wonder how many photos Nigel had obsessively shown her on his computer for her to recognise me. I would have just liked to ask him why he published such horrendous things about me over a 7 year period, went as far as disclosing/suggesting my whereabouts, mobile number, e-mail, even my eBay account, mocked my art work, uploaded a photo of my fiancee and said I had a ‘liking for fat girls’, I can’t tell you how distraught my partner was reading comments like that about her. All screen shot, still the police wouldn’t do a thing. That’s not even the worst of it. The man is an absolute disgrace. People are out of their mind to shop in that establishment.
R.C says: Well said C.O!!! He’s a disgusting human he should take a good.look in mirror himself before judging others!!!
D.H says:    Jeez Craig that is horrendous! What an awful experience!
C.O says:   Thanks Rachel, others really need to speak out. I fear there are many out there who remain silent. Richard Windmill a local resident continues to campaign for justice and has offered tremendous support to all members and victims of that vile blog. The man deserves a medal for what he has gone through.
P.A says:    Retirement ? With all the renewed interest and excitement in Star Wars,I suspect he’ll be busier than ever in his role as a Jabba the Hut lookalike.
R.L says:    Colin Ellis my choice of words was poor I apologise You had posted a pic of llandudno masonic hall branding it as a HQ for that cretin Nigel roberts

freemasons are not a secret sociaty they simply dont advertise them

And selecrion is not just for the privlaged its open to anyone 

Once again I apologise for my comment but I feel that when some idiot spouts off like nigel roberts does people blame others and this is really iratating nigel roberts is A loner who takes plesure from others miss fortune freemasons are the exact oppersit from my experience and are often the first to help in major times of need 
This is all available information with a little reading sorry

G.O says:    Rhys I can assure you he might be a loner but as friends in high places. I have spoken to people who say hes not a bad person and defend him .why because he did there dirty work for them . This includes bussiness people and politicians . Roberts did not work alone but took the rap for the lot . And the idiot to this day cant see the harm and distress he caused to a lot of people
G.H says:   Craig that’s awful, I’m glad you posted that here now, just so anyone has any doubts how evil this sadistic creature has been in the past, there’s 1st hand proof this bloke has serious issues in his ability to act as a decent human being.
C.E says:   Rhys My point was there is a lot of people in certain areas that seem to be helping with the covering up/brushing under the carpet of theses accusations/facts and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all part of a certain select group I also know that they also help out in times of crisis help out with charity and good causes and are a lot less secretive and elitist than what they were I tend not to mention something if I don’t know anything about it because I find that it tends to cause a lot of problems trying to put a point across about something you don’t know about apology accepted
Ellen Windmill He’s had a lot of friends in high places, David Jones for one. His ex-solicitor Dylan Moore even said to me that Nigel was “useful to the police, he passed information on to them” no wonder they wouldn’t charge him 
G.O says:   Hope hes had a peek at some of these comments might get a feeling what its liked to be attacked with not nice comments. The big difference is no one on here is hiding behind an unknown blog all comments have names to them not loads of false names all the same person .
R.C says:   Course he took all the blame he get protected even more then hence no chsrges
D.H says:   This is exactly how it should be, the real people telling it exactly like it is!
R.L says:   Friends in high places we all have ellen 
Its weak acquaintances in high places that Nigel Roberts has

Honest up standing people when they know things are wrong will say no 
Weak people are easy led and to scared to say no and Nigel uses that to his advantage 

Along the same lines as how our local council and town council are full of people to scared to stand against the long standing status quo of how things are done 

This is why we end up with a quarry for a beach a police station that will cost 3milloon to build when there is no need for a new one
Ellen Windmill Rhys by friends in high places I mean people like Inspector Ian Verburg & Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, men who swore an oath to uphold the law. 

These two have known that Nigel was ‘Oscar’ since 2010, they’ve lied to members of the public since then about who was behind the blog & did nothing. They are continuing to lie now about the collusion with Nigel and his friends.
R.L says:    Not friends Ellen Windmill weak acquaintances as I said no back bone to do whats wright
Ellen Windmill Whatever label you want to call them Lol, that man has been protected by certain people who should have known better, but didn’t. Anyway I hope he has a miserable retirement
G.O says:   Funny he had is facebook account open this morning with is friends leaving nice comments . Then he got a few bad ones and must have changed settings to just friends cant find him now lol
Ellen Windmill Typical!! The worse thing is that he never said sorry. All well & good saying “it was me, no one else” all to protect David Jones MP for ClwydWest, the stupid sod should have said sorry to all the people he managed to offend 
C.O says:   This for me says it all. This cartoon was knocking around the web a few months back. It should be titled the ‘sad life of Oscar the troll’.
Craig Ollerton's photo.
D.H says:    I’d go as far as to suggest he’s deactivated his Facebook, I know someone who’s friends with him and he’s not on their list.
Ellen Windmill I saw that picture on Mr Llandudno 
A.B says:   Nigel Roberts is a vile man but is it really necessary to bring the Freemasons into it or to post their hall on here. Really!!!
D.S.T says:   How come he never met wit a little accident on a dark night if he was so bad?
His shop windows got smashed last year
D.S.T says:   i was thinking more kneecaps or nailed hands, not that i’d do such a thing, but surprising nobody has
R.C says:    Probs doesn’t go out st night already had his shop windows smashed and people tried vandalise property and car but police were and probably still.protecting his house
Ellen Windmill And paid to have £3k of CCTV installed at the house
A.P says:   Scumbag alcoholic
B.H says… Pfft! What the above statement should say is: “due to the fact that I am an immoral, heartless, dishonest troll, and I am the most hated man on town. I have decided to do something decent for a change. I will now fu#k off and die! Byeeeeee!”
  • Ellen Windmill meant to add that it was only a couple of months ago that Wendy’s BMW had all the tyres slashed smile emoticon
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  • Richie P Windmill Nigel & Wendy Roberts, & their co-authors/contributors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar are evil.
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  • Richie P Windmill For seven years these people, who included MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, Dylan Moore his business partner at David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno, Ruby William, of Craig Y Don and retired journalist, Chris Drew horrible busy body, Tom Davidson, a rSee More
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  • Richie P Windmill Nigel Roberts was afforded protection from North Wales Police because he is a registered informant, this was clarified 
D.S.T says:   Just read that, didn’t realise Steve Davies was involved, used to go to matches with him in the late 80’s, not seen him in ages
C.O says:   Gee wizz. Just read Richie, had not read it until now and still reading it all! My jaw has literally dropped. Stinks of corruption the lot of it.
C.E says:   The blog about the masons was interesting lol