The Dog Bites Back Again

M5 shut by police to rescue dog running against traffic

“Police were called to the M5 between junctions 13 and 12 for reports of a dog running northbound on the southbound carriageway,” said the force in an update. “The motorway was closed for a short period of time due to the danger the dog caused to motorway users. The dog has now been secured and is safe and well. The motorway has been re-opened.”

North Wales Police officers DELIBERATELY ran over and killed a dog that was running loose on a dual carriageway ‘to stop it causing a crash’ 

A dog that was running loose on a quiet dual carriageway at 3am was deliberately run down and killed by traffic police.
North Wales Police said the foxhound had been running loose on the A55 between the Llanfairfechan roundabout and the Conwy tunnel early on Monday morning.
Despite attempts by the Roads Policing Unit to catch the dog, it continued to run in and out of swerving traffic on the 70mph unlit road before biting one of the officers.

North Wales Police used the above story to cover up the truth.

Information brought to my attention reveals the truth, the officers who ran the dog down were in fact travelling toward Bangor, they were travelling above the legal speed limit (which is quite often the case), they were sharing some banter and not taking care of the road ahead, (mainly because it was so quiet, they struck the dog as it ran into the road, startled by their headlights.

North Wales Police are extremely corrupt, why could they have not acted as a normal professional Police Force would, as was the case with Gloucestershire Constabulary?

They, North Wales Police, choose to lie and cover up their inadequateness rather than tell the truth and act professionally, the list of their corruption grows daily.