The safe Police force


Up to 30 officers in one Welsh police force have criminal convictions, new figures reveal

Guess which Welsh Police force this concerns?

North Wales Police has 26 serving officers and four community support officers with criminal convictions

North Wales Police said six police officers and one PCSO had been convicted of a criminal offence since 2012, the figures released to the Press Association through a freedom of information request show.
In 2012, a male sergeant was convicted of driving without a licence and while using a mobile phone, a male constable was convicted of careless driving and a male PC was cautioned for a data protection offence.

Drink driving, assault, sex offence and speeding

In 2013, a male PC was convicted of drink driving and a female PC was convicted of assault, while in 2014, a male constable was convicted of a sexual offence and a male PCSO was convicted of speeding.
North Wales Police refused to name the officers because it would breach the Data Protection Act.
Makes a joke of this, their moto!
North Wales Police
The force said 26 serving police officers and four PCSOs had a criminal conviction.
North Wales Police employ criminals, but then refuse a 33 year old lady, a teacher who has a clean record, because she had a caution at the age of 15…..

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  1. Hope there hasbeen a thorough CRO check on the proposed new Commissioner and that he is man enough and srrong enough to sort out the North Wales Force. I wonder how many arrests have not resulted in Charges being made, Trials being held or Convictions obtained? Such will indicate the uselessness or effectiveness of their efforts.

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