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This link provides useful information with regards to the level of corruption amongst MP’s who are Freemasons.
Many of my readers will be only to aware that I am fighting the Freemason & MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones.
I am not fighting him out of spite, I am fighting him because of the lies he has told, because of the terrible harm he as inflicted on so many people and businesses, especially those who were harassed and defamed by his defunct troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
I am fighting him because of the deceitful way he has used his Freemason friends at North Wales Police to have me unlawfully arrested on four occasions during a five month period of last year.
I am fighting him because he used those same connections to have my wife unlawfully arrested.
I am fighting him for using those same connections to have my home unlawfully raided and all our belongings confiscated including our disabled sons toys.
I am fighting him for his homophobic comments & his disgusting comments made against and about the disabled.
I am fighting him on behalf of all those people he has upset, threatened and abused but are to frightened to act against him. To date we know of 44 victims, all of who are members of,
But most importantly I am fighting him because he has threatened the safety and well being of my wife and children.
Before you ask, yes all this has been reported to North Wales Police who have refused to act against Jones, but are eager to act for him when he complains about people like me trying to expose him.
Some may say I am obsessed and frankly I can understand why, but tell me this why should I let this man get away with his despicable behaviour?
If this behaviour came from the likes of you or me, ordinary folk not mixed up with Freemasons etc, we would be behind bars.
Just because he is an MP & Freemason with powerful connections he should not be allowed to get away with his continued harassing behaviour, his horrible comments and his awful threats.
What needs to be remembered here is one man took his own life after being threatened by the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
Jones wants nothing more than me out of the way and will continue in his efforts to achieve just that, where as on the other hand I want this wretched man and his corrupt accomplices exposed, if only in the hope it might make others like him think twice before acting against ordinary innocent folk to their own ends.
Maybe I will have an ACCIDENT, or just DISAPPEAR, sounds far fetched doesn’t it?
People like Jones are psychopaths, they exist in different personality’s,  In the case of Jones he on one hand likes to be seen as a good honest politician, (inits self that is a joke), but his altar ego is that of an internet troll.
This is not hearsay, this has been conclusively proved on at least two occasions over the last eighteen months, recently he was caught trolling the PM.
Jones and people like him need to be taken to task before someone else dies as a result of his/their terrible corrupt actions.

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  1. Many people are very grateful for the stand that you are taking against the corruption in our society, especially against the North Wales Police and the likes of Mr Jones, Nigel Roberts and others who have been mentioned on the Blog. Just in case they all think otherwise, let me assure them that you have a great deal of support from others who have also been the subjects of the various antagonists. You are not alone and our support is with you and your actions every day. Let not these weak and mindless fools be complacent and think that they have won, the battle is far from over, and the forces of evil will be vanquished.

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