The Murdered dog bites back

North Wales Police vile actions hit America…..
This video is going viral…..

It seems the more they dig the bigger the hole keeps getting, North Wales Police and their disgraceful, deliberate killing of a scared defenceless dog on a quiet stretch of the  A55 (Abergwyngregyn) at 3am is attracting attention from all over the world.

Dog lovers are uniting against this disgusting act of cowardliness…..

Please sign this petition…..

This is the patronising statement issued by North Wales Police, it is full of lies, the incident did not occur between Conwy and Llanfairfechan, it actually happened 8 miles further up the road at Abergwyngregyn, the road was extremely quiet as it was 3am, the dog was terrified and North Wales Police decided it was far easier to run it over than temporally close the road to safely catch this poor frightened animal.

Do these public paid fools think we are all idiots?

North Wales Police are to release the edited transcripts of the incident as recorded on the officers in car data system, we will be unable to hear what is said but what you will see is two very excited officers travelling at excessive speed to kill the dog…..

One officer actually shouts “drive fucking faster, we have to kill the fucking thing”.

These officers we are told have dogs of their own and took the decisions after much, MENTAL moral dilemma…..bullshit.