Anonymous cowards

My blog has my name to it, I do not hide behind anonymity, everything I write and publish on this blog is my responsibility.
Once again another threat from an anonymous idiot has come in via the comments section, see the comment below:
You and your friends are crooks, the comment made was spot on. Your a nothing Windmill, if your living like your living at your age, your done for. Had the board off Mike yet? he mad having anything to do with your tribe! you and you tribe are going to get it. on A message from PC 1854 Gary James, of North Wales Police…..
I do hope they're aware of this post as anyone can play this game , I hope they reciprocate and publish your details. on If you wish to speak to an Internet troll, call one of these numbers.
on 01/04/16
What this idiot fails to realise is that my telephone number has already been bandied around the internet, as has my wife’s, as have other victims telephone numbers.
Addresses have been published and the author’s behind Thoughts of Oscar have taken great delight in taking pictures of peoples homes & publishing them.
So this is what I say to the anonymous idiot/idiots, too late, it’s already been done & North Wales Police have set a precedent by refusing to prosecute, especially when they had the undeniable opportunity to prosecute Nigel Roberts after he publically confessed to being the author of the troll blog Thought of Oscar. It doesn’t cross the threshold for prosecution according to North Wales Police and Karen Dixon at the CPS. 
Just in case you didn’t quite get my point here are the details again:
MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, internet troll.


Alternatively you can call and speak with Nigel Roberts, Internet troll and police informer.


Or you could talk with inspector Ian Verburg, the officer who helped provide protection for Jones, Roberts & their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Ruby Williams, internet troll, stalker and a lover of late night harassment telephone calls.
In case you have lost it Mr or Mrs coward this is my number the same one you splashed all over the internet.
Don’t try and threaten me with something you’ve already done before, you numpty.
Try being a man and putting your name to your stupid threats.