An endless list of corruption and corrupt police officers, runs rife throughout the ranks of North Wales Police.


PC 1651 Martyn Parmley gets convicted on three counts on the 8th of March 2016.
A special hearing will be held at Police HQ in Colwyn Bay, this coming tuesday at 2pm, it is open to the public, click the link below for the full story of this bent, corrupt, thug of a police officer.
Here he is the pint sized bent copper, after years of abuse by him toward members of the public it seems this rat is finally caught.
DC 1651 Martyn Parmley Bent copper Liar Thug

DC 1651 Martyn Parmley
Bent copper

This pride and joy of North Wales Police along with his colleague PC 1854 Gary James has lied and manipulated the truth on many occasions.
I personally was interviewed by PC 1854 Gary James on the 5th of May Last year, after I was accused of violent harassment toward the internet trolls Nigel & Wendy Roberts. James presented CCTV evidence during that interview which he claims shows me harassing the Roberts’,
as you will see in this link it in fact shows the opposite.


PC 1854 Gary James when presenting his statement for the court lied five times about what I am supposed to have said during interview, what this lying toad was unaware of was that I had procured a copy of the interview and was able to prove his lies.
At this moment in time North Wales Police have been served papers by my solicitor regarding this matter.
So back to Parmley, this letter below will help clarify matters.
On the 5th of February this year Parmley was registered as a director of Project Timber North Wales, a business due to open shortly in Llandudno Junction, it seems he is preparing to be sacked.
I for one will boycott Project timber and will campaign for others to follow suit, if anyone is willing to employ this rat then they have to be associated with the same mentality.
The other disturbing thing for me is Parmley is a MCFC fan, as am I, that brings shame on my wonderful club and I will be informing the club of this rats corrupt behaviour.
Parmley has recently been working for North Wales Police dedicated sexual offences teem, like we can trust that team now, or any other within North Wales Police.
This force needs to be investigated by an outside agency.

2 thoughts on “Corruption”

  1. Please provide evidence of the officers corruption. If you can't get a life. Creamers posts are full of lies. I know the officer and he is a better person than you crooks make him out to be. Also, I think you'll find the business is a family members. Get a life

  2. In reply to you PC 1854 Gary James, evidence of corruption has been submitted including the evidence of your lies in your official statement about what I was supposed to have said during your pathetic interview with me on 05-05-2015.
    Please clarify what you mean when you say "Creamers posts are full of lies".
    They clearly are not,meverything on Mr Creamers blog is fact and supported by irrefutable evidence.
    You say you know Parmley, and that he is a better person than us crooks. Firstly I am not a crook, but would sooner have that label than the label of a bent copper. Secondly why is Parmley in the position he is in if he was "better than us crooks"? Or are you going to say that it's a mistake.
    As for the business,mew know it's a family business, one that will be boycotted heavily once it opens.
    Now disappear back to your little blonde bit, you silly little whalley

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